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I had a car accident in 2007, In Illinois i was charged with a petty offense for driving without a license, and also traffic offense for failure to yield. I know I can't expunge or seal my record. But will still affect me after 7years? Is there anything I can take to show an employer so they don't use it against me?
Has this stopped you from getting employment before? I don't think this type of charge would stop anyone from hiring you.
Im 20 years old and want to join the army. I am schedule to appear in court jan 21 to finish paying up my last fine.
present a motion to terminate supervision early. Get your recruiter to call the prosecutor.
I'm in court for a 2nd duo and just got my third.
There are mandatory minimum sentences that may arise in your cases. Furthermore, if it is your third DUI, you may face...
for personal injury. Can they come after me? If we get divorced can they still come atter me since we were married at the time of the accident?
You really need to consult a local civil lawyer. If you live in a community property state then you may be liable. You...
My first DUI was 2 years ago and I refused the breath test but I told them I had a drink. No one got hurt, I just got pulled over cause of switching lanes.
A second DUI finding of guilt will result in the revocation of your drivers license as well as 5 days to a possible...
i got a dui back in feb of 2007 i want to apply for citizenship but i am affraid of what kind of affect the dui will have on my application. is it grounds for deportation or denial of citizenship? if i am denied citizenship what can i do? and what happens if i dont renew my green card on time? will that be grounds for deportaion?
Generally, a single DUI conviction does not constitute a crime involving moral turpitude, does not show that the person...