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How can they summons me to court for a DWI I got in August 2011 is that legal in Texas
In court yesterday they sentenced me to 2 years probation 40 hours community service and a 1500 fine is there anything I can do now since it had been 5 years
The statute of limitations for filing the charge of DWI is two years for a misdemeanor. As long as the state charged...
I refused dwi blood and breath test over 70 days ago and driver license is still valid?? Do u have a explanation for this??
I thought Texas gives you a 41 day driving permit before suspension on dwi refusal testing??
In some jurisdictions, the license is not suspended until there has actually been a conviction. You should use this...
In regards to a DWI in a town hours away from home, is it better to get an attorney from the arresting area, or closer to home?
It happened in a rural town outside of Clarksville, TX (Red River County) and I live in Plano, TX about 2 hours away. I'm concerned that a lawyer here wouldn't have the upperhand in the form of connections that others from that area would. Does this play an important factor?
I suggest that you hire an attorney with experience in the court where the case will be prosecuted. However, this is...
Dwi and citizenship interview.
Hello I have a dwi in texas. Dwi is about 16 years old. Simple dwi. Received my green card 6 years ago. Citizenship interview next week. Will there be any issues given the political climate we are in now.
If you otherwise qualify for citizenship, then there shouldn't be any, unless of course, you are from one of the "...
Dwi and citizenship
Hell I am a Green card holder and have a citizenship interview coming up. Dwi with no aggregvating factors in texas. Will there be any issues. Thanks.
There might be an issue. One of the requirements to be eligible for citizenship is that one musy be a person of Good...
What should I do (if anything) about my weird DWI situation?
I was involved in a single car accident while driving intoxicated almost a year ago. Taken to the hospital in an ambulance, released to my parents several hours later. My mom said there wasn't a police officer waiting outside my room and the hospital just discharged me. Apparently while unconscious police took my drivers license and got a warrant for my blood. I didn't get any paperwork about license suspension. Receive a 6 month license suspension in the mail for "refusal". There isn't an arrest warrant yet. I check online almost every day because I'm willing to do a walk-though if necessary. But now that's been almost a year, I'm wondering if they're just so over loaded with cases they haven't gotten to it. If two years go by am I clear due to statute of limitations? I never went to jail, never got arraigned, haven't received anything else in the mail of court notice to appear.
I agree that's a weird situation. Go online to the site I will post for you to determine whether your DL has been...
What does it mean if I was on pre trial probabtion for felony dwi and a mtr and the dwi case was dismissed?
I was on probabtion for a felony dwi and an mtr, both on which I am out on bond. I went to my probabtion appointment Monday and was told that the dwi case was being dismissed and closed out but my mtr case was still active. My questions are 1. Does this mean the courts are dropping the charges and I no longer have to worry about the dwi. ( I was told that I no longer had to report for probabtion and that I just needed to wait for the court date for the mtr.) He said it was a no action status on the dwi. And 2.) If in fact the dwi was dismissed do I have to worry about the mtr or will that be dismissed as well? I wanted to make sure I understood what he said correctly...I took it as the dwi was being dismissed and I just have to deal with an mtr. I was told they have no evidence for the dwi, that the police report and blood test were missing and could not be located. This happened over a year and a half ago and the courts are always resetting so I'm assuming that is why they are dismissing it.
I can give you the general law that once a case has been dismissed and the bond discharged, you are under no further...