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What happens if you had a DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894 and just got another DWI but refused all the test ?
I had my first DWI 5 years ago and pleaded article 894. I just got pulled over last night and was truthful with the officer about where I was going and where I had been. I also told him I had drank two beers. When ask to conduct FST I refused however he did so the pen test. Once arrested I also refused breath test. What's going to happen to me now ?
You refused the test; good. Then you admitted having two beers; bad. Results of eye nystagmus test unknown. You need...
If you admit to bein dirty when asked by your PO on 1st day of probation if you can pass a test will you get time to clean up?
Was arrested on first offense DUI charges and got sentanced under A.894 and given two years misdemeanor probation instead of 6mo in jail. After court my PO came and did all my paperwork, she also asked if I could pass a UA right then and to be honest I told her no I couldn't and what I'd be dirty for. She said she'd give me time to clean up before my first test is that true or is she going to pop a test on me in a week and bust me
As she hasn't violated you already I would assume you have just used your get out of jail free card. I would not take...
.0009 on a breath test, dui
My friend was at his neighbors house when his car rolled into the neighbors truck. No one was in the vehicles, but long story short my friend got convicted of a dui (this will be his 3rd) after blowing a .0009 He goes to the doctor regularly, and gets prescription narcotics, but he gets tested regularly to make sure he stays within his prescription levels. Is a .0009 a dui?
A .09 is but not .0009.
Can a 10 year old dui be counted against you
I got a dui over 10 years ago and now I'm being charged with another will it. be considerd my second?
That depends on which state you are currently charged in. States have various 'look-back' periods in their DUI/DWI...
If arrested for a DUI can you still be able to recieve a clearance on your finger prints for a job?
My first a offense and misdemeanor.
It is the disposition rather than the arrest which will cause you problems. An arrest may or may not show up on a...
Can you be charge with a dwi or a DUI with a . 075
Even no you not over the .080
Yes, I have seen it done before. The rationale is that there is a .o1 variance in the breathalyzing machine and...
What happens when your already on felony probabtion and you get charged with second offense dui
i was charged two years ago with negligent operation of a vehicle and a dui and here a little over a year ago i was charged with a second offense dui and i am about to go to court in a few days and get my sentence please tell me what if i will be get any jail or prison time out of this
May have probation revoked and serve felony sentence. Some courts do not revoke on misde.