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I was walking home clearly intoxicated and got stopped by police. Dont remember the interaction but certainly walked home.
I wanted to know what are the chances I got a public intoxication ticket even though I did not get detained? I dont have a ticket with me but I guess I could have lost it on the way home. I was also coming back from an FAU-UM tailgate. Thanks
Doesn't sound like you got a ticket. However, you can check with the county clerk's system to be sure. Good luck to you!
In Florida can they drug test you in court?
im a minor. i have passed all my drug tests throughout probation and completed my outpatient drug rehabilitation course. but i got a charge of possesion while on probation. i still passed a drug test the day after the charge though.
Yes. The judge can always order you to be tested and taken into custody if he or she suspects you are under the influence.
Do I really need to hire a lawyer for this? Single mom Trying to make it.
OK so back in Feb 2014 I caught a dui for the 1st time. 1 yr probation w early termonation. 6 months license suspension. 2 months in I got into a hit and run on a suspended license. I was required to do 4 months house arrest. Another incident happened, domestic violence while on house arrest but I was found the victim so my probation was revoked and I was able to start my life over. I've been doing good since Dec 4th. I recently just got into another hit and run about a month ago, my father's child was drunk so I felt like I needed to drive home (not drinking but driving on suspended license) I looked away for a sec. Coming up to a red light and hit the car in front of me. court may 21st. Will I go to jail? Do I really need to spend money that I don't have for a lawyer? help!!!
Yes you need a lawyer, whether you hire one or get a PD. What do you think will happen to your kids if you go to jail??...
Will I receive full custody if the father has 2 dui ( with in 2 years),domestic violence(3 years ago,disorderly conduct(2years)
We are not married , he has no license, he has one 8 yearn old with his ex and is on child support. ... I have a clean background, been at my job for 10 years , and are going to school ... The domestic violence was not from me .
Assuming these issues and facts are properly presented to the court and tied to the father's ability to parent, you...
How often do u get random visits while on house arrest for first violation on a first dui charge?
I violated my probation by driving on a suspended and commiting a hit and run. I'm on house arrest for 120 days and had my first random visit on a monday. How often do they came and what's the latest time they would show up?
There is no telling. It depends on how proactive you PO is...assuming you are still on probation. If your probation...
What are the chances to be released off house arrest early half way through?
I was put on house arrest for 4 months and will be half way through on nov. 4th. I'm hoping to get into court and ask the judge to be released early. I got my first dui then violated by driving on a suspended and doing a hit and run. No criminal background other then that and have been doing everything I'm suppose with no more trouble. Has a jugde ever allowed someone to be released early? What are my chances?????
This might be a bit tough. You can always ask your attorney to try. You never know what the judge will say. Some...
What if I didn't realize my drivers license was suspended for failure to pay traffic ticket a year ago
And now I was just arrested for DUI in FL - how much more does the DWLR make my case (Florida)
I'm so sorry to hear about your DUI. Unfortunately, here in Palm Beach it does complicate matters some. If this was...