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Here is a situation arrested for driving with a suspended license not knowing license was suspended. The DMV made a mistake and the charges were dismissed based on the fact that the license was not suspended at the point of arrest. The arrest record cannot be erased. Yet all my future prospects of a job earning potential is severely damaged as a commercial driver. Being a resident of Florida and getting arrested in previous state. Yet that state has no expungement laws. THIS HAS HARMED MY Livelihood and the DMV nor the courts cares. The mental anguish and trauma this has caused is well documented and cant find an attorney who is willing to sue someone for this.
I'm unsure if your question, but Florida cannot force another state to expunge your arrest.
breathalyser did not show intoxication. refused blood test. person is on probation for 3rd degree burglary of an unoccupied structure. person was driving erratically and blacking out due to low blood sugar. he was not prescribed insulin previously, but upon arrival at jail, doctors gave him insulin.
1) On the issue of legal fees, every lawyer charges according to their own business plan. As every case and every...
I had two dui's in brevard county and my license was suspended for 5 yrs. I am eligible to get it back feb 1st but am required to have ignition interlock. What are the chances that I can apply or go before a judge and request that it be removed from the requirements for me to get my license?
It is highly unlikely as it is not only part of your sentence, but also mandated by statute.
Hello. I have a dui felony. I have three duis. I am out of my current apartment in a month and I currently have nowhere to go. I am a student and made some mistakes when i was younger. I didnt serve any jail time. I have tried at multiple places to try and get in but i keep getting denied because of this. I feel I am being classified with violent offenders, but I am nowhere near some crimes that result in a felony. I even have my dad cosigning with me, and they still wont consider with special circumstance. Do i need to hire a lawyer for this or am I completely screwed for the rest of my life with living situations? I dont think its fair to be classified with sex offenders, drug offenders, or more violent crimes for a mistake i made in the past. Is there anyway i can fiind an apartment?
There is no law requiring any private landlord to rent an apartment to you. They are free to disqualify you for...
I am only my 14th month of probation out of a 5 year sentence for a dui felony probation in Florida. I have not been making monetary payments due to having no job because no one will hire me because of this felony. I have made payments the last two months, but I am 1300 dollars behind. I am close to a violation. My officer says come as close to that amount as I can or she will violate me. If I can someone come up with the money by next month, can she still violate me or will that be satisfying to her? What if I can only come up with half and the next half by February? I have legal representation already, should I seek to renew their counsel?
It may be possible but more information would be needed to determine the possibilities.. You need to discuss this with...
I just got a my 2nd DUI in Palm Beach County, Florida, I have a 10 day temporary license but it is up soon, how do I get a license after the 10 days are up? Can I even get a license at all after the 10 days are up?
You have 10 days to make a decision as to whether you are going to challenge the administrative suspension. You must...
The only thing that was given to me was a copy of the towing report. We were told to leave the scene with a witness who kindly stopped to see if everyone was ok. The officer did not witness the crash and did not see me behind the wheel. When he showed up both of us were outside the car and the keys were not in my possession. I was not even issued a traffic violation. The whole ordeal lasted about 20 minuets and we were on our way.
Yes, you can be charged. The police only have to accuse you. The fact that the police didn't see you behind the wheel...