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i was arrested for a dui in TN, and have a DUI in CT from abotu 4 years ago i understand that it is on my driving record, but can this new one if convicted be a second offense?
Depending on TN law which may be different,it would generally be considered a second offense
I have had 2 months to talk with a lawyer but I have not because I have a new job and have not wanted to ask off. I also do not have any money and I am scared too death and have been a nervous wreck. My DUI was on Thanksgiving of 2013 and my court date tomorrow the 3rd of Feb 2014. I am not prepared and I want to ask the judge for another court date. Do most judges understand this and grant this? Please help asap. much appreciated!
Be respectful and ask the court for time to hire a lawyer or request a public defender.
The test results came back 1 yr later with .36 nanograms or something like that of a zanax in it I was informed by the P.D., then she informed me the .36 was less than therputic leval. To get an attorney. I had taken the zanax 40 hrs prior to the arrest never even thought of the med in my system. I Do Have A Legal Rx for it at the time. The complete charges are. Dui, child abbuse, child neglect, child restraint. I have a, legal DL Tn. , Legal insurance. In your opinion am I intoxicated. Not from the area. I belIeve the officer that arrested me had issues with doing this to people and was put on probation for it in the Department she works in the past. I was all over ther news at the time and a lot of people came to me after hearing my story. And told me things like this. Please help
If you were under therapeutic levels and had a prescription then It sounds like you have a good case to hopefully be...
Am I impaired in or eyes.
If you blood alcohol level was .36 and you had zanax in your system, then you would be close to being alcohol poison....
I have been suffering from vertigo, nashua, and blacking out in my work place for a number of weeks. I was attempting to drive home when i experienced vertigo. I immediately pulled off to the nearest exit and parked in a gas staion parking lot. My car was off, keys zipped in my pocket, and in a parking spot. My two feet were on the ground, the door was open and i was facing the gas station. I sat here vomiting and dry heaving for about 30 mins. A very aggressive state trooper pulls in behind me, prevents me from leaving and gets out. Long story short... i consent to search he finds an old cigarillo and baggies. i couldnt do the roadside sobriety test and i was barely conscious when presented the implied consent form. The officer refused to help me understand and told me to refuse..
You need to get an a DUI defense attorney ASAP to assist you. Some troopers are very aggressive and there are many...
First Dui Nov 2003 2nd.dui July 2013 pleaded to Dui 1st
No. Two DUIs disqualify you for a CDL. You should call the TN department of safety just to make sure but I have the...
I was recently in court for a DUI. The DA and state trooper admitted that the stop was bad by the state trooper. I plead to a reckless driving ticket which is being removed with diversion at end of probation of 6 months. (I blew a .16 and my attorney was scared to move forward and the state offered him this deal). I received my court cost today in the mail and I was charged $250 dollars for a "blood, alcohol, urine testing. " Since I wasn't convicted of a DUI but instead a reckless driving, should I still be charged for the testing ? Thanks!
Where did this happen?