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I recently got arrested for driving revoked in West Virginia back in 2007 I lost my license for DUI so I have no license
How much jail time am I facing?
The sentence you are facing will depend upon the charge that was filed and should be outlined in your criminal...
How can I find out if have a clean driving record when my dui was dismissed is court
If my first dui was dismissed in court (arresting officer was a no show ) will my driving record be clean?
Should be. Get a copy of your driving record from the DMV.
How long does WV have to indict on a fleeing DUI.
I received a fleeing DUI charge around November 2013. The charge was dismissed in magistrate court in February 2014. Can I still be indicted and if so how long does WV have to indict?
In West Virginia, they would have three additional Grand Jury terms of court to indict you - which are in 4 month...
Can i get a dui charge off of my driving record if i was wrongly accused
i got a dui with minor. I blew a 0.00
I am not licensed to practice law in West Virginia. I am only licensed in California, however, California does have a...
What does "circ" mean in an interlock violation analysis?
initial bac read 255; bac retest read 001
not enough info. You'd have to know the make and model of the device you were blowing into.
Is there or is there not a statute of limitations on a DUI probation violation in the State of NC?
My nephew got a DUI in NC back in 2010 and was put on probation. He started out doing his community service, but then left the State, not notifying his Probation Officer. He hasn't been back since. Would he be arrested if he went back to NC? If he paid the fines, can he get it off his record? Again, is there a statute of limitations on the probation violation or not?
Statute of limitations for criminal cases only really apply to the time period where the DA has to file the case. In...
What does ddm dui-contr subst cmv/cdl mean?
the adm dui-contr subst cmv/cdl conv. date was 09/23/09 incident date 10/29/08 points 0 state/court 999 and then there is a dui less than .15 conv. date was 06/18/09 and incident date 10/29/08 points 0 state/court 027. what does that mean? then at the bottom it says withdrawals? CDL-DUI controlled substance incident date 10/29/08 begin date 09/23/09 end date 01/05/2011, DUI less that .15 incident date 10/29/08 begine begin date 09/23/09 end date 01/05/2011. Just wondering what all this meant. Trying to get another job. just got laid of from hauling coal
What this means or is indicative of is your criminal history / driving record. It appears as if you had a DUI charge on...