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I have unpaid expenses from a drunk driver in virginia on 02/27/2011
Victoria insurance did not pay all damages to my vehicles from their insured. I had a loss of $6,600 on a trailer and a $4747 loss on a ford mustang from their hit and run driver. I need to sue the driver in small claims court. anyone interested?
Use Avvo find a lawyer feature but know that few attorneys are interested in property damage cases against individuals.
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Your post makes no sense whatsoever.
Virginia. Sealing a DUI.
So my year probation/suspended license is coming up in January. I do not expect to get my DUI expunged, I didn't think I would be above the limit, (I literally offered to take a PBT when he didn't think I was intoxicated but of course figured sure, let's do it to make sure) however.. I was above the legal limit and I'm serving my time for that. I take responsibility for what I did even if I didn't mean to. I was guilty. My probation included: 6mo of Interlock (finished with never blowing above than 0.00BAC) 20hrs of ASAP classes (with a glowing review from my instructor) And paid my fines and fees on time. Can I apply to have the record "sealed." ? I will do just about anything to hide this from potential employers amongst other things. I don't know this is a thing but I'm 100% fine with the Judicial system keeping the record in the event that I did it again because I won't, but I'm about to move with my husbands job transfer and I don't think I'll be able to find sustainable employment there with this on every background check. Any info on sealing (I'm aware expungement is out of the question) would be much appreciated!
Sorry, I doubt it. Most states do not even allow deferred probation on DWI. Congratulations on completion. MADD & SADD...
Can my company make me a drive a van carrying material that passes the weight limit and is hazardous?
I usually drive a battery truck which has 3 bays that secure auto and marine batteries. My truck has been a disaster and constantly in the shop. My company is taking their time to buy a new one. They stick me in a van where i load up to 100 batteries in the back and also pick up old cores. There are no signs of corrosive material outside the van and it has to be overweighted. The van is all over the rode due to the weight and feels very dangerous. Can I do anything about this? I feel it is very unsafe to drive especially when I have to drive all over the region.
You may be able to make a whistle blower case depending on how large your company is. You should contact an attorney...
How do I petition the court?
My drivers license was suspended for habitual offender dui and I was told when I payed my fines I could petition the court to get it back ,what's involved with that process and do I need a lawyer? Thank you in advance.
You don't have to have a lawyer, but if you don't know how to do it yourself then you will probably want a lawyer to...
Can a polygraph be used in civil court on a conditional release inmate
I'm on conditional release and have showed deception on the one question about drug use but have passed all urine tests and I am being threatened to be locked up if I fail the next polygraph I'm looking for lawyer to hire to challenge the conditional release I'm currently on
To find a lawyer or use Google, or the find a lawyer tab at the top of this page. No lawyer here will respond and offer...
Are there any other DUI assessment locations around the Roanoke area that I can check myself into other than VASAP?
I received a DUI in NC but reside in Roanoke VA. I would like to go ahead and take a DUI assessment course before I go to court. The assessment location in NC referred me to VASAP. I spoke with VSAP and they will not assign a person to an assessment class until they have been convicted of the DUI.
Not sure what you mean by "DUI assessment" but if you are looking for treatment you might try going through your...