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    Tuesday Jan 6 | via Sentinel 

    Dallas D.R. Ransom, 25, of Adrian; Lorrie J. Davis, 58, of Winnebago: Dayne A. Abbott, 31, of Blue Earth; each fined $125. Justin G. Bolinger, 36, of Albert Lea had a charge of disorderly conduct-brawling or fighting continued for dismissal; fined $185, six months probation to the court, no assault, no disorderly conduct.


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I was drunk sitting in my car. police came and talked to me but i dont remember what they said. I know i didnt do a breath test or anything. But when i went back to my car in the morning my registration papers were on the passenger seat. I would like to know if i can be charged with DUI, and if so i didnt receieve any papers. Will they mail them to my address on the registration? or should i not worry about this, as they would have to do more to charge me?
It would seem that you should be in a better position to answer that question than any lawyer (who was not there)....
I'm have been charged and through serval court dates already , I went throw legal aid but still thier are porsessing my Folder . I had this remanded 3 times already and now it's going to admin court , I'm very nervous because I still havnt been Abel to speak to lawyer about my situation , it kind of feels like no one is on my side and I'm scared, I have a good life now and have smartened up , I really just want these domestic charges dropped , is their anything you suggest on how to get these dropped , weather its anger management or a counselor or anything like that ? I just want to look good for the courts and not like a complete mess up just so when they determine the results on the charge it will look better on my behalf
I'm not sure what you mean by "admin court." Domestic assuault criminal charges are handled in criminal court....
So I really want to know what are the chances of paying a lawyer a Fee for a DWI - 2nd offense in 17 years - - that will come out in my favor - How does a lawyer really get a case lowered- My urine was .185 so before I blow my money I really need to know the chances of hiring a lawyer that will help my case. - Or am I wasting money ?
You have no chance of winning anything or obtaining a favorable outcome without a good dwi attorney. After all, do you...
My prosecuting attorney contacted my lawyer and said that she would put it down to a careless driving. He just told me that yesterday and I got my minor the weekend before. I also have not been to my second court date yet. What do you think I should do?
You will be receiving a summons in the mail. The summons will inform you when and where you have court. The first...
I still have over two years remaining on a three year probation for a DUI and have decided to sit my time in jail instead. I will be moving once I am released from jail and don't plan on staying in MN. Once my jail time is over I will be eligible to earn my drivers license. My question is, would it be better to pay my reinstatement fee and acquire my MN license before I move to a different state? Can I earn another state license before I have paid that fee, or can I pay for the reinstatement fee in a different state? Hope that makes sense. Thank You
You will need to pay the reinstatement fee to the MN DMV first, plus complete any other requirements such as passing a...
My first DUI was in WI 20 years ago My 2nd was 2 1/2 years ago in MN My 3rd a month ago in WI I have a WI attorney. My WI attorney mentioned that i should sit down w/a MN lawyer and discuss ramifications, steps to take, ect. I am a low income individual I've attempted to contact Pro Bono attorney's w/very little luck. I need to sit down w/a knowledgeable MN attorney and go thru some ?'s at an affordable rate. My question(s) is this: Do you happen to have/know of (A) a receptive,knowledgeable pro bono outfit in the DUI arena in Hennepin Cty preferably close to MG, (B) a knowledgeable attorney that i could sit down with for a half hour or so for $50-$100. Sorry, but i am just not having any luck and want to be proactive w/this. I've been assessed and am going to a 48 hour class. tia
Attorneys here do not solicit clients. I suggest you make a few phone calls. Tricia Dwyer Esq.
i WAS PULLED OVER IN ST PAUL, MN BY A EAGAN,MN COP FOR SUPPOSED SPEEDING, RAN MY INFO CAME BACK AND ASKED IF I HAD BEEN DRINKING said I had 2 beers he asked to get out and do a field sobriety test which I passed but then blew a .12 and was arrested for a DWI then 1/2hr later at the station they asked to blow again which I did and it was .10. Pulled my license within week have a court end of month. This is a first for any type of violation. Doesn't passing a field sobriety test count for something, also I thought there was a 2hr window before they did a second Breathalyzer. When the cop first pulled me over he said it was speeding but when I received the police it said nothing there a speeding.. Do I need a lawyer. I live in Minnesota.
I'd recommend retaining a lawyer to help you through this. As you note, you're license has been revoked in addition to...