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Is there any way around getting ignition interlock device after dui?
I got convicted of my dui a year ago and have now gotten my license back but still don't have a car. If I wait long enough to get another car could I completely avoid getting the ignition interlock?
Nope. If your breath or blood alcohol level was a .15 or higher or you were charged with impaired driving within 7...
How long does it take police to get lab results back on DUI?
This things been going for almost a year of showing up for court and having to come back. Are police allowed to simply wait me out to I take a plea or does it really matter what the test says. Will judge kick this out if they can't come up with some evidence? Thanks.
You undoubtedly have an attorney on this and should speak about it only with your attorney. If you do not have an...
I was convicted of DUI in December of 2014. Now I cannot get a job teaching. Is there anything I can do?
I contacted the Watauga County Board of Education HR Dept. and they said they would not hire me. Do I have any recourse?
Probably not. Employers are free to make hiring decisions based on a variety of factors. A criminal history for a DUI...
I have a revoked license (eligible for LDP with Interlock) for DWI in NC & am moving to CO. Will NC allow me to get CO license?
I spoke to the CO DMV on the phone & they said that there would be no problems on their end since it wasn't a CO crime. I would get a full license there, would not be required to have an Interlock device, etc. BUT they said it depends on how NC handles the situation in that if it shows up in their national database that I'm not kosher with the NC DMV, then they can't issue me a license. So, I'm wondering if I choose not to get LDP & Interlock in NC & instead to just wait out the revocation period in which I can't drive, can I freely get a license in CO without interference from NC? i.e.- Does this NC revocation mean that my NORTH CAROLINA driving privileges are revoked for a year, OR are my privilege ANYWHERE I go on lockdown for a year? I have completed assessment & community service
What the CO DMV means is that they cannot issue a driver's license to you until NC shows your status as "valid" in...
I was charged with DUI 6 years ago and want to know if it was dismissed.
I was charged at age 18, completed all requirements by the court, and the check said excluding: misdemeanors that all probation was served and the case was dismissed. I did complete all probation requirements but i'm not sure what it means for it to be dismissed or how I know?
It is unclear if you somehow got a deferred prosecution for this charge ( would have been underage or " provisional"...
Pending DUI case in NC, if I moved to Virginia before my next court date/conviction and received a VA license how am I affected
This is my first DUI arrest and my current attorney has done nothing but continue the case, if I am convicted on my next court date I will likely lose my job and any source of income. I am able to move to Virginia, but it must be done soon to ensure my job there. If I move to Virgina and get a license there before a conviction/court date how will that affect my case in NC and ability to drive and work in Virginia/Tennessee?
Please consult with your attorney. The laws for extradition between Virginia and Tennessee may determine whether or not...
If I move to a different state will my DUI penalties from this state transfer to where Im moving or do i go by my new states law
I have been convicted of 2DUIs in NC and am planning on moving to Hawaii. Its possible for me to get a hearing to get my license back seeing as how i have had no misshaps in 3years I am confident that i can get them back. By NC law i have to have the ignition interlock system for 3 years after getting my license back From what ive read maui is less strict, whos penalties will i be going by?
When you move to Hawaii, you will still be required to adhere to North Carolina's judgment. You will not be able to...