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What can I do about getting my D.U.I. paperwork. I've done everything the courts ask. But P.o. want give me my paperwork. What
Need d.u.i. paperwork. P..o refuses to let me have it. I've done everything the courts ask,But still refuses to give me my paperwork. How I go about getting it. Thank you
Changing this to Criminal Defense so some one who might understand what you are asking can give you an answer.
Can I ask for house arrest in TN for 3rd offense DUI
last DUI was 5 years ago, thank you
House arrest is not an option to a third offense DUI charge. You do have a option to reduce your jail time through...
How can I push a paternity test to get my fiance out of jail?
He is being held in jail to have a paternity test performed but he has no court date,no jail time,no release date. They haven't even come to take him for the test and it's been almost 2 weeks. What can I do?. He has never been to court to set up a payment and where he is split up with the ex he didn't know about the court dates that was set
Hmm, I would contact the clerk or the Jail to see if they might be able to help with regard to when his court date is, etc.
Why would a dui revocation not show up on my driving record?
I got a dui last year and my license was supposed to be revoked. I went today to find out about reinstatement at the dmv and they had no record of my license being revoked and gave me my drivers license...
If that was your first DUI, your license should have been revoked for one year. However, I'm not sure why you weren't...
Do I have to pay off fines to drive again?
So, as I begin please let me remind that I am not a violent criminal, I just made a mistake. I was charged with reckless endangerment (x2) and driving while suspended. I was given four years of probation with possible one year termination if my progress has met requirements. Also, 2500$ in court fines and fees and 360 hours community service. Part of my punishment for the first year of probation is that they temporarily suspend my license and after that year is up I could drive again. March 3rd is when I can legally reinstate my license. Do I have to pay the 2500$ court fines and fees on or before the 3rd to reinstate my license and the 360 in community service or after that first year can I just reinstate and continue with my monthly community service and payments of 50-100$ a month? Probation ends March of 2021
Most Courts want the fines paid up front before you get your license - so you have more incentive to pay them. But you...
After a 1st offense DWI (Tennessee) is an interlock device required after the mandatory 1 year suspension?
A family member was charged and pleaded guilty to DWI charges (0.16) just over a year ago. They are now eligible for license reinstatement but are being told that in addition to obtaining an SR22 they also have to have an interlock device installed for 1 year as a condition of reinstatement. Does this sound correct? Followup question: This DWI was a wakeup call for the family member and after being released from the mandatory 48 jail sentence went to rehab, then a halfway house and just celebrated 1 year of sobriety. Is it possible to get the interlock requirement waived at this point?
Certainly sounds like this family member is on the right track. Consult a skilled attorney to discuss his or her...
How to get a DUI attorney in time for court: released (on OR bond) LAST (Sat) night and court is at 9am TOMORROW (Mon)?
Saturday AM, I slid off the road while going through a curve (front tire just barely tapped the edge of a curb but force was enough to pull me over and off road). It was still dark/raining & I ended up crashing into a telephone pole with such force that the pole broke. All airbags deployed & I did have seat belt on, but the force of impact was extremely disorienting/traumatic. When police arrived, before asking or checking to see if I was injured, they immediately began asking if I'd been drinking or taken any medications. I'm prescribed Tramadol but hadn't taken it in about 6 hours, & I'd drank a couple of those mini bottles of liquor 3-4 hours prior. It was 40 degrees outside, raining & very windy, and I had a thin tshirt and thin jeans on, plus I'd just impacted a telephone pole with enough force to split it almost in half. I didn't do well on the sobriety tests (IMO) because I was shaking uncontrollably due to being freezing, wet & in shock. They arrested me, took me to hospital for evaluation/blood draw, & released me on OR bond last nite ~7pm. Court is 9AM tomorrow. I need to talk to a lawyer about the arrest, and also: Dr at ER wrote Rx for meds but I did not receive them!
Go to court, plead not guilty, and call a skilled criminal defense attorney immediately so that he can prepare your...