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If a police officer lied on a citation can you fight it? Can you fight breathalyzer tests?
I was pulled out of my tent, while sleeping, at 4:30 in the morning, in the middle of the woods, on private property from an officer at a party. I had a beer at 7pm when I arrived at the party while setting up my tent. Then I had another one at 9pm when people started to arrive. I then did NOT touch any alcohol because fights were going on and people were damaging my car. A lot happened after 9pm but I did not once touch any alcohol. So when the officer came to my tent and breathalyzed me, he asked if I have been drinking and I told him not in 7 hours and before that I only had 2 beers and when I took the test he told me I blew a .09. Which I just do not believe. Also officers let people go who blew .03 and .04 but the legal limit for people under 21 is 0. I know drinking in the first place was wrong but they are suspending my licenses for 90 days and telling me I can not go to work or school. Plus this is not going on my record and I am just at a loss. I can not stop going to college or work.
Perhaps you could plead not guilty and get a hearing date. Then, contact a local criminal defense attorney to discuss...
My boyfriend got 2nd DUI on probation for 1st DUI?
A week and 2 days ago, My boyfriend was in a minor accident going about 25-30 mph. No one was hurt, but he had 2 months left on his probation left. His bac level on the breathalyzer was .18%, and he is waiting for court to know the blood test results. He was doing really well and completed all his community service and attended all his AA group meetings. Unfortunately, this will not only be his 2nd DUI, but his 2nd violation of probation. The first time they let him off with a warning because of sympathy for his best friend passing away. His ARD was revoked. He has a very serious problem with alcoholism and at this point has finally realized it, so he really wants to go to rehab. He doesn't want to be this person. His court date is in 3 days, but I'm not sure if he's going to be officially sentenced or if they are just revoking his probation this time around and I have to go another period of time not knowing when he'll be home. Will they hear his plea for wanting help and have mercy on him or is this situation too far gone?
He needs to get a lawyer. Contact a local qualified criminal defense attorney to review his case, his options and...
How does ard work if you have thc in your urine before even starting the preliminary?
I'm a frequent smoker, every day pretty much and I've got some fat. Do they have Leigh way on the first urine test?
First, they don't typically drug test at a preliminary hearing. Second, whether it's ARD or non-ARD probation, you will...
Can I get ARD for DUI charged as first offense with a prior DUI 2000 and ARD in 1998? Found this below
The defendant has been found guilty of, or accepted ARD of, a charge brought under Section 3802 within ten (10) years of the date of the current offense. This limitation doesn’t apply, though, if the charge was for an ungraded misdemeanor under Section 3802(a)(2) and was the accused’s first offense under Section 3802. The current DUI involved an accident and an individual other than the accused was killed or suffered serious bodily injury as a result. There was a passenger under 14 years of age in the motor vehicle the defendant was driving.
You should be having this conversation with your attorney. I can see just from the question you posed the da would have...
5 yrs of Probation for a dui in pa is over in january but I still owe 3000 in fines . I cannot pay until I move. What happens
Dui in pa. 5 years probation is over january 2. Live out in a rural area with no lisence or rides.
Ask to get on a payment plan you can afford and make the payments until you can pay it off. Doing nothing could result...
Just charged with dui in PA, have not even had piliminary hearing yet but we are moving to Florida.
Just charged with dui in PA, have not even had piliminary hearing yet and we are moving to Florida. Will Florida honor sentencing guidelines that PA gives if I choose to not fight dui?
Yes. Florida will not issue you any license if there is a suspension from another state. Also, Florida DMV will...
My brother will be getting parole in July, 2015 from DUI. However, his home plan has been denied due to his son
living there & the choices his son has made. His son has had parties and allowed his mother to come there whom she is part of the stress issue for my brother. Parole says his son has to move out before my brother can come home. What do I need to do to move his son and grandson out so he can return to his own home?
You inquiry is not really clear. They need to move, if he is going to live there. If they won't leave voluntarily, that...