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I plan on getting a public defender on the day of my arraignment. Will I be able to speak with them before i enter my plea?
I was charged with a DUI and had to move my court date a week before the original scheduled date since I'm going out of town. I am running out of time to speak with lawyers about if I should plead guilty or not guilty in court. I still do not know what plea to enter and my court date is tomorrow morning. I need to know if I will be able to speak with my PD before I go up before the judge.
You should call an avvo lawyer today for a free consultation. Then you can go in with an intelligent game plan...
My wife was arrested in MN on a 2nd degree DWI charge after incurring a 3rd degree charge about a year ago.
She will be entering in-patient rehab on Monday. Her case does not get heard until December 3rd. They have impounded MY car as it is her second offense and a 2nd degree offense. I have received a notice of forfeiture. My question is, can they seize the vehicle if the car is owned solely by me (no joint ownership) and I had no knowledge that she would take the car and drink. I was at another sons sporting event and was not home at the time of the incident and she was sober when I left. Please let me know your thoughts of an "innocent owner" plea to prevent the car from being seized.
Sounds like she has an attorney. Have you discussed this defense with them?
Consequence for Driving after Cancellation IPS (GM) and Driving with revoked Plates (M)
I was recently pulled over for the two offences listed above, I was just starting the process to obtain a limited license with interlock, my court date isn't until 10/7/13 should i continue this process or will I just loose my license again for this new charge or will they deny me pending the result of these new charges? Also is Jail time likely I've been on probation for nearly for years with no formal violation.
You should definitely continue with your plan to get the limited license with the interlock. Most prosecutors put a...
2nd dui in MN in 10 years
1st dui was in 05 and I have not had a ticket since then. I was pulled over by a cop driving in front of me for speeding and was issued the breathe test which I failed. I had a .17 acording to the machince at the station after a failed 1st attempt. I would like to know what I'm facing as charges and if they can be lessened. I am more concerend about getting to work more than anything
Hire a good, local dui attorney. Because of the blow you are facing increased penalties and could easily lose your...
DUI case offering to drop down to Reckless/Careless. License never suspended after blood test. Trying to understand options
daughter pulled over for driving to slow. Officer suspected DWI and gave her a blood test, result =0.17. Our Attorney made motion to dismiss. (can't be pulled over for going slow in MN). Prosecuter now offering to reduce dui charges to reckless/careless driving and $500 fine. Trying to understand implication?. She never received a letter stating her license was suspended after the blood test results. We think the paperwork is lost, it has been 3 months. We check on dps system it still says license is valid. She has since moved to another state, plans to apply for license in new state ASAP. Should she take the offer, apply in new state and hope it clears before paperwork catches up? If a letter does come can we get it dismissed since dui charge reduced to reckless
From the sounds of it, your daughter already has an attorney. You and your daughter should direct any such questions or...
Will MN take action against me once they find out I was arrested for another dui, but in another state?
Current resident in Mn. Also have two priors dated back 2007 and 2009. Recently arrested for an OWI (operating while intoxicated) in WI.
Yes, it's very likely that Minnesota will eventually revoke your license if you're convicted of a Wisconsin OWI.
I received a OWI in WI but i live in MN. MN has now revoked my license for 30 days and requested i pay $680 to reinstate my lic
is this not double jeopardy? how can i fight this.
It is not double jeopardy. This is a civil matter rather than criminal. You can contest the revocation but you only...