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  • IU student arrested for theft, assaulting police

    Yesterday | via TheIndyChannel 

    Flood Warning issued January 17 at 10:59PM EST expiring January 22 at 9:00AM EST in effect for: Daviess, Greene, Knox Flood Warning issued January 18 at 12:01PM EST expiring January 19 at 12:00PM EST in effect for: Greene, Monroe, Owen Flood Warning issued January 17 at 10:59PM EST expiring January 21 at 11:00PM EST in effect for: Fountain, Parke, Tippecanoe, Vermillion, Warren Flood Warning issued January 18 at 11:47AM EST expiring January 26 at 1:00PM EST in effect for: Parke, Vermillion, Vigo Flood Warning issued January 18 at 12:01PM EST expiring January 19 at 12:01PM EST in effect for: Jackson, Lawrence, Washington Flood Warning issued January 17 at 10:59PM EST expiring January 23 at 1:51PM EST in effect for: Parke, Vermillion, Vigo Flood Warning issued January 17 at 10:59PM EST expiring January 22 at 11:48AM EST in effect for: Fountain, Parke, Vermillion, Warren Flood Warning ... (more)


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  • November: Teen Arrested After Fatal Accident, Teache...

    Nov 12, 2016 | via WBIW-AM Bedford 

    November saw three killed and another seriously injured in a fatal accident on Interstate 69. Police arrested the 19-year-old driver who caused the fatal collision after they discovered the drive had been drinking heavily at Indiana University campus before the deadly accident. The crash killed three members of the Rinehart family, of Newburgh, and injured a fourth as their car sat disabled alongside the highway.


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  • June: Former Teacher Sent To Prison, Bloomington Man...

    Jun 12, 2016 | via WBIW-AM Bedford 

    June saw a Seymour Middle School teacher sentenced to prison, Kensi Allen was named the 12th Annual Judah Heritage Festival Queen, a Bloomington man was arrested for the death of a 2-month-old baby, A former minister in Washington was sentenced to 80 years in prison for child molesting and Sadie King was crowned the 2016 Oolitic Festival Queen. A former Seymour Middle School teacher was sentenced Tuesday to 27 years after pleading guilty to molesting a 12-year-old student.


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  • May: Milwaukee Depot Moved, Former Jail Officer Arre...

    May 12, 2016 | via WBIW-AM Bedford 

    May saw crowds fill the street along 14th Street as the Milwaukee Depot was moved to its new home, a former Lawrence County jail officer was arrested for trafficking with an inmate, an IU senior lecturer at the Jacobs School of Music was fired after allegedly sexually assaulting a student at the Bloomington campus, Matt Seifers was named Bedford North Lawrence Boys basketball coach and the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Law Enforcement presented Indiana Conservation Officers Mike Gregg and Nathan Lutz with "District 5 Officer of the year" and "District 5 Boating Officer of the Year." The move was part of the City of Bedford's Stella Communities Grant.


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Bloomington Law

Could I be denied my Professional License? Do you have experience with someone being denied based on my story below.
I was charged with a DWI twelve years ago and pleaded guilty and did community service, attended alcohol classes, urine tests and meetings with my probation officer. The first disposition states guilty, with sentence of 365 days and suspended 363 days. It then says dispositiion 02: dismissed with sentence 0 and suspended 0. I followed all the rules and did what was required. I now have to write a letter explaining what happened during this time. I actually forgot I even had this charge due to the fact that it seems like a lifetime ago. I have spent thousands of dollars obtaining my degree. They also require official documents such as case summary, police reports and sworn affidavits. I don't know what I will do if I am denied as I just finished my schooling one month ago. I have never been in any trouble at all since this incident twelve years ago. I would really appreciate any sound and honest advice, as I am truly concerned.
You don't state what type of license you are requesting. But it is doubtful a 12 year old conviction will disqualify...
Will a drinking ticket leave any records after the pre trial diversion program?
I got a drinking ticket and the cop said something about it being taken off my record after a year as long as I'm careful because this is the first one. Can someone please explain to me how this works? I'm applying to medical school in a couple years and I need to know if there will be any record of something for them to find and if I need to get anything expunged. In addition- I haven't gone to my court date yet. Am I supposed to say (or not say) anything specific in order to make sure I qualify for the pre trial diversion program?
PTD agreements are equivalent to the court putting your file aside for the year period and as long as you meet your...
How will DWI conviction affect my opt and h1b procedings?
I got a DWI last year (August 30). Class C misdemeanor. Completed all due diligence and I'm of probation since May. This happened in Indiana. First ever offense.
Generally you can't apply while on probation but you'll need to speak to an immigration attorney.
Is it worth fighting for life insurance after being denied because my husband was intoxicated at the time of the accident
my husband was working on a water leak in our yard he slipped in the mud and fell in the hole he had dug and hit his head on the rock in the hole which knocked him out and he drowned. the toxicology report showed that he was intoxicated at the time and the policy stated that they would not pay off if alcohol or narcotics was involved
Yes, it is possible to get over this alcohol exclusion, so Google life insurance lawyer to find a lawyer to pursue it.
I got a DUI a month and a half ago, is my license suspended right after the arrest or after the first court hearing?
I took a blood test instead of the breathalyzer does that matter?
When someone submits to a breath test and it indicates .08 or greater, their license is usually suspended at your...
Moving from Virginia to Indiana - how do I get a restricted license? (DUI)
I was recently convicted of a DUI (.07 BAC) in Virginia. I am moving to Indiana in the very near future for a new job. When I talked to the clerk, she stated that my restricted license would only be good for the state of Virginia and that I would have to also apply in Indiana and that they may have separate requirements. What should I go about doing here? Also, my lawyer stated that Indiana may not require an interlock device be installed as they have different guidelines for first time offenders. Any truth to this?
Every state has different restrictions when it comes to a DUI offense. For instance, TN would not require an interlock...
Prescription Drugs and DUI
Hello, I've been hearing a lot of recent stories of people getting arrested for DUI after taking medicine(s) that they are legally prescribed by their doctor. My question is how I should go about my interaction with the Police in the event that they ask me to step out of my vehicle. The medicines I am taking are controlled substances, and one of them, a benzodiazepine, has a mildly sedating effect. The sedation, however, is minimal, as I am on the lowest dose available. I'm worried that an overzealous officer might prey on me, despite the fact that any substances in my body were consumed 100% legally. What should I do if I get pulled over? Thanks! Hopefully your answers will help alleviate some of my anxiety regarding this issue.
The legality of the drug may not dispositive. In Louisiana, you can't dribe while under the influence of a CDS nor can...