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If pulled over for alleged DUI, can I request a blood test, instead of being subjected to an FST? Can an officer deny my request for a blood sample, and instead do a urine or breath test? I've heard that the blood test is the most accurate, so I'm wondering if I can legally demand one for that reason. Also, are the police required to hold onto my blood, so that it can be examined again for my defense?
Except under certain circumstances where a warrant can be used to force a blood draw you can refuse any test. However,...
If a driver is pulled over and refuses to do FSTs, and an officer decides to place the individual under arrest, when and where are BAC chemical tests administered? Are the tests done before or after being booked? If the chemical tests indicate little to no alcohol in the suspect's system, does he/she still go to jail, or are they set free?
Normally before booking unless they had grounds to arrest without the breathalyser. Also, they may suspect drugs, so...
Hello, I've been hearing a lot of recent stories of people getting arrested for DUI after taking medicine(s) that they are legally prescribed by their doctor. My question is how I should go about my interaction with the Police in the event that they ask me to step out of my vehicle. The medicines I am taking are controlled substances, and one of them, a benzodiazepine, has a mildly sedating effect. The sedation, however, is minimal, as I am on the lowest dose available. I'm worried that an overzealous officer might prey on me, despite the fact that any substances in my body were consumed 100% legally. What should I do if I get pulled over? Thanks! Hopefully your answers will help alleviate some of my anxiety regarding this issue.
The legality of the drug may not dispositive. In Louisiana, you can't dribe while under the influence of a CDS nor can...
I have received federal support including Medicaid and food stamps since then
Probably not, if the case is still open in California.
I was recently convicted of a DUI (.07 BAC) in Virginia. I am moving to Indiana in the very near future for a new job. When I talked to the clerk, she stated that my restricted license would only be good for the state of Virginia and that I would have to also apply in Indiana and that they may have separate requirements. What should I go about doing here? Also, my lawyer stated that Indiana may not require an interlock device be installed as they have different guidelines for first time offenders. Any truth to this?
Every state has different restrictions when it comes to a DUI offense. For instance, TN would not require an interlock...
One of the children in the car was my 4yr old son Evan, his father has him for the summer, I am going to get my son on Sept 10th next week thank goodness! I also am going to get the police report and file for full custody. My ex has a drinking problem but I never thought he would put our child and his new girlfriends child in the car at 1:20 am!
Depends on the facts of the case, the prosecutor, the judge, and how good his attorney is...Too difficult to predict....
okay my boyfriend is now facing his fifth dui. he has one in ny, cali, Massachusetts, and the four I am not sure. but he ostensibly now facing his fifth in Indiana. what can we expect to happen. his bail is set to 750.
Contact an experienced DUI attorney in Indiana immediately, your BF will need one. If you want to try and find one...