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  • Northwest suburban police blotter

    Jun 21, 2016 | via Daily Herald 

    Damage was estimated at $1,000. •Burglars stole an air compressor, leaf blower, circular saw, bag containing two staple guns, two hammers and three roofing nail guns around 6 p.m. June 18 from the bed of a 2004 Ford F250 truck on the 4200 block of North Bloomington.


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Is he legally allowed to kick me out because of my inability to pay/work schedule conflict?
I received a DUI in January 2015. I was cited for my registration light being out and the officer said he smelt alcohol. I refused to blow so he had me do a field sobriety test. I failed and was taken into custody where a blew a .116. The court ordered supervision for 24 months, completion of a victim impact panel, a DUI evaluation with completion of recommended treatment, and all fines and fees paid in 2 years. When I got the evaluation done, the computer evaluated me as low risk but the director of the facility interviewed me and concluded that I was high risk. He asked me a few questions and every time I answered them he would change my answer just a little bit. I have been trying to attend the classes in order to fufill the 75 hours that they ordered me to do, but I am having a lot of financial issues and every class is $50. Not only that, but I work second shift and the classes are scheduled during the time that I work. Now the director is saying he is going to kick me out of the classes for resisting treatment. The reality is I'm not resisting, I go when I am financially able to and I don't have to work, but often time this is only once a month.
Yes, you can be removed from the program if you do not attend regularly for whatever reason. If you are having...
Will an outstanding DUI offence of 20 years ago prevent me from reentry to the US. Will this information remain on the system?
Hi, I am a UK citizen, now 43 years of age. I undertook my Bachelor degree in USA and while there 92-96 I received a DUI, lost my licence for 3 months and failed to pay the fine or do the program. Im returning to the US in 2016 with my family and Im worried I may be arrested at immigration?
Depending on the charge and status, you may have a warrant out for your arrest. I suggest you consult an attorney to...
I have two DUI convictions one in2006 and one in 2008. I plead guilty to them both in 2009. can I get CDL
The first I had a CDL but was not in a truck. The second I didn't have a CDL. I volunteered a breath test on both. Have done all my councilng.
Commercial DL? My understanding of the law, is that its a life long disqualification after 2 DUIs on the federal level.
Failed BAIID reading of 0.070 after mouthwash?
Just received a letter from the SOS requesting an explanation of a violation that occurred as a result of using mouthwash. I was completely sober at the time and the BAIID registered a reading of 0.070 and I did not follow up with a retest as I now know I should have but I ended up riding with my brother to lunch anyways. I am currently on my last month of MDDP and have had no previous violations prior to this one incident. Will this be an acceptable explanation for the SOS? (I have had 2 previous readings at other times that failed but both were well below .05 thus not being violations)
It may not be acceptable. Such a reading it quite high for just mouthwash. However, you must simply just tell the...
I was found not guilty on one DUI and the other was dismissed by the states attorney in Illinois, are these sealable?
All the details are found in my question, those were the final dispositions.
They can be expunged, so long as you don't have any other criminal convictions. You should talk to an attorney in your...
If a DUI is dismissed or someone is found not guilty in both situations can the person immediately seal in Illinois?
I had a DUI that I was found not guilty on at a bench trial and recently had one get dismissed prior to trial. Can these two scenarios be sealed immediately? The reason I ask is I have contacted attorneys and received different answers. The one I was found not guilty on I received court supervision for disobeying a stop sign. One attorney told me that I could seal this immediately and another said there is a waiting period because I was put on court supervision for a petty traffic offense. I do not want to put the money into an attorney if there is this waiting period....
To be eligible for expungement, you must have no prior convictions, including ordinance violations. If the case is...
My son (age 18) received a ticket for consumption of alcohol by a minor in Bloomington, Illinois.
We thought this was an ordinance violation and expected fine and court costs. This is his first ever alcohol offense. He has no license because I could not afford to put him on my insurance. Judge said he could face loss of license (which he has never had), thousands in fines, year in jail. States attorney office sent people out to talk to others offering fines to be done with court that day. No one came to speak to my son. Only saw the judge in court. Those people had no lawyers and most were serious offenses like possession charges. What kind of lawyer am I to try to get and is this normal for a first alcohol offense? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
you should contact the clerk of the court. The phone number should be on The Ticket and /or the documentation you...