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Will I go to jail?
I am currently on probation for a felony but a couple days ago I got arrested and I was given a dui I have court in a month what's most likely going to happen what should I do?
There are a couple things you can do. First, hire an attorney to defend you in the DUI. Being arrested for DUI does...
A friend of mine got a dui in california hes illegal and is waiting to go to court, is he going to get deported?
he paid a fine of $2000 dollars and already went thru the classes they tell you to go to.. now a lawyer needs to represent him on court on december. he was driving on the freeway when he got pulled over and got a DUI he got arrested and was out of jail the next day.
Seems strange that he has had to pay fines before being convicted.... That being said, your friend should try to get...
DUI and jobs
How soon does an employer find out about a DUI. No court or arraignment dates have been set but dmv hearing is coming up. 23,accident with minor injury to my passenger.he left the scene with parents and said he was ok with a swoll eye. still got booked for bodily injury and blowing .092. Pretty much don't believe I can be saved after reading a small percentage of people win their hearings. Can the dmv prevent you from getting another job even though they are not the criminal side? And how soon does the dmv notify my current job if I lose hearing?(just my luck the officer was already at the scene when it happened so had probable cause) Any advice helps thanks
Why would the DMV notify anybody? What type of job do you have??
What are the chances of being convicted of a DUI?
Arrested in Big Bear for a DUI however I was stopped approx 1 mile from my car and did not have keys on me. The keys were at the car with my wife. When I was stopped by police I was asked about the entire events my day where I told them that My wife and I had drove up there to have dinner and drinks. I was then arrested with a BAC of .08
It seems like you may have some defenses on your case since they may not be able to prove that you were actually...
Dui question as minor
I got 2 dui when i was 16 and 17 i am now 20 is there anyway for me to go to court and have a judge remove them from my driving record since i was a juvenile? Cause its holding me back from this job im currently in. Any information would be appreciated
No. The judge has no power over the DMV. Only time removes anything from your DMV driving history and you'll be...
How to reduce first time DUI penalties.
I cannot afford a lawyer and the court determined i do not qualify for a public defender for some reason. I talked to the DA yesterday and asked if i can have all the discovery (except audio and other evidence taken by the officer) and i did receive everything, but i will be defending myself and i have no prior history. how can i get this reduced?? please help. incident details: i crashed into the sidewalk, due to excessive speed on a curved road. no injuries, arrested and 2 hours later blood was drown which came back at .16. field sobriety says i only failed 1 of 3 test.
You won't get that reduced. Period. Neither would an attorney. Sounds like a DUI. Period.
I was arrested back in February and charged with DUI. I was not driving at the time of arrest.
There was no alcohol in my blood. It was a small amount of marijuana. I fell asleep at the gas pump. Last week, I plead no contest to dry reckless driving and was put on probation for three years and a fine. I wasn't assigned a prob. officer. Before that case was settled, I was involved in a car accident. The case was investigated and nothing happened until the first case was concluded. Five days later, I was arrested on a warrant for the accident and charged with VC 23152 a and b with great bodily injury (my friend was a passenger in the car and suffered injuries, but is fully recovered with no problems). Can I be arrested for a probation violation even though no crime was actually committed on probation, because I was arrested for an offense that occurred prior to the probation?
You can be arrested. The real issue is whether it will stick in Court. If you hire an attorney or ask for the public...