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Will I go to jail?
I am currently on probation for a felony but a couple days ago I got arrested and I was given a dui I have court in a month what's most likely going to happen what should I do?
There are a couple things you can do. First, hire an attorney to defend you in the DUI. Being arrested for DUI does...
A friend of mine got a dui in california hes illegal and is waiting to go to court, is he going to get deported?
he paid a fine of $2000 dollars and already went thru the classes they tell you to go to.. now a lawyer needs to represent him on court on december. he was driving on the freeway when he got pulled over and got a DUI he got arrested and was out of jail the next day.
Seems strange that he has had to pay fines before being convicted.... That being said, your friend should try to get...
DUI speeding and chemical test refusal.
Currently hired an attorney for Dmv hearing but pretty much told me there's no defense. Really? Obviously looking at different directions for hearing but here are the details. Pulled over for speeds I won't mention but was excessive. I blew into road side breathalyzer blew a .108 but refused chemical test, soon arrested. There were multiple things that were exaggerated on police report as well. I have questions as far as how hard would it be to reduce these charges? Another is when is tape and audio released? Is this upon when I hire a lawyer for the actual case? There is also other things that could make a case but as always every case is unique. Really could use some guidance thanks.
You've hired a lawyer. Why don't you speak to that lawyer? If you don't trust the attorney you hired, give Attorney...
4th DUI in California looking for an attorney for specializes in 4th DUIs.
I was just arrested for my fourth DUI and I'm really scared. Is there a way to avoid jail? Is my license going to suspend? Can an 4th DUI attorney really help?
You will never find an attorney who only handles 4th time DUI offenses. However, you will find several who handle DUIs,...
My boyfriend has 4 dui's on his record his last one being 14 years ago why is the dmv still showing any of his dui's?
The dmv told us in order for my boyfriend to get his license he had to complete a dui class, have a breathalizer put in the car and a sr22. That is crazy because I thought there was a statue of limitations for DUi's and they only stayed on your record for 10 years? His last DUI was 14 years ago so why are they still showing on his record?
It is a myth that they come off the DMV record. The points come off three years after the violation date, and the...
DUI and jobs
How soon does an employer find out about a DUI. No court or arraignment dates have been set but dmv hearing is coming up. 23,accident with minor injury to my passenger.he left the scene with parents and said he was ok with a swoll eye. still got booked for bodily injury and blowing .092. Pretty much don't believe I can be saved after reading a small percentage of people win their hearings. Can the dmv prevent you from getting another job even though they are not the criminal side? And how soon does the dmv notify my current job if I lose hearing?(just my luck the officer was already at the scene when it happened so had probable cause) Any advice helps thanks
Why would the DMV notify anybody? What type of job do you have??
My attorney negotiated a dry-reckless with the ADA, do I have to go to court to sign a plea deal?
My attorney negotiated a dry-reckless with the ADA, do I have to go to court to sign a plea deal or can this be signed, notarized & filed without appearing? I live far away from the county in which I was arrested, & I will not be able to appear if ordered to.
Your lawyer has done an excellent job of negotiating on your behalf. You should be asking your lawyer how to proceed,...