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Is there any way to avoid the DMV suspension because I drive professionally and need my drivers license to earn a living.
I am a commercial truck driver and received a letter from DMV of intent to suspend my drivers license. I backed into a vehicle while I was driving my personal car and my insurance coverage had lapsed. Truth is I was being irresponsible and didn't pay my monthly premium. Now I am faced with the probability of a 1 year suspension and in all likelihood be terminated from my current position as a tanker driver. I am also concerned that I would not be able to secure any employment in the same field if DMV carries out the suspension. My broker also informed me that there is a great probability that I will be assessed 1 1/2 to 2 points that could remain on by MVR for an indefinite period. I was defiant and didn't listen to my broker when he advised me to pay for the damages to the other vehicle without involving her insurance company. I now feel like a fool and stand to lose my job, my home and my wife because it was her vehicle that I hit. Is there anything that I can do to stop the suspension and the addition of the points on my MVR. I have requested a hearing but not sure if I should just fall on sword and be contrite or is there another option. Please help. Thanks
You should probably get a face-to-face consultation with an attorney that handles DUI cases in your area. To see what...
Will I go to jail?
I am currently on probation for a felony but a couple days ago I got arrested and I was given a dui I have court in a month what's most likely going to happen what should I do?
There are a couple things you can do. First, hire an attorney to defend you in the DUI. Being arrested for DUI does...
A friend of mine got a dui in california hes illegal and is waiting to go to court, is he going to get deported?
he paid a fine of $2000 dollars and already went thru the classes they tell you to go to.. now a lawyer needs to represent him on court on december. he was driving on the freeway when he got pulled over and got a DUI he got arrested and was out of jail the next day.
Seems strange that he has had to pay fines before being convicted.... That being said, your friend should try to get...
Do I have a case here? If so, what are my options?
So this is my case in a nutshell, went to go renew my drivers license for the first time. Found out that it has been suspended since 2011, I was still in high school at the time. Turns out there were three tickets under my name that were never taken care of. Here's the shocking thing, I have never had an encounter with a police officer in my life. So I went to court to see what was going on and turns out the officer made a typo when putting in the name of the person who actually commited the crimes (coincidentally having the same name as me and description) however IT WAS NOT ME. The social security, address and middle name were not mine! So he set a court date and the officer who made the mistake appeared in court and said "oh it must have been a mistake with the computer" anyways The judge stamped some papers and told me it was dismissed and it would be cleared up with the DMV in 45 days but he never took care of it and it never got cleared up. Furthermore, he also said that it was okay to drive as long as I showed the officer the paper he wrote on and stamped. I got pulled over ! Almost had my car impounded !
A case for what? Sounds like you need to go back to the courthouse.
How come I was never booked while given a dui and took my license away. What are the chances of my case getting dismissed or low
I got pulled over on the freeway on new years and was told to take a finger test after the whole license and registration n after the finger test I was told to step out the car for field test where I had to walk toe to toe straight line and turn n walk back then I was asked to stand on one foot and count until he said stop. While he told me to wait he wrote some stuff down on his paper and come back to me took a breathalyzer test and told me I'm being under arrest for dui. Overall he handcuffed me took me to his car put me in the back seat and wrote my citation after that he asked me where I was headed to i said the exit that was coming up so he took my car by himself parked my car at a gas station and came back with another officer and asked me if there's someone that can come pick me up and take my car home so I called my friend up he singed some paper and the cop let us go after I signed the paper. I'm really confused to why he didn't book me or check the box saying booking required. I wasn't taken to the police department n was release in sight and while handcuffed in car I was asked if I wanted to take the blood test but was never given the option to breathalyzer or blood test
Did you take a second breath test? The first one (2 blows) was a preliminary alcohol screening test and would not count...
Where can I get a drivers medical evaluation form filled out by a doctor for sure?
I was in an accident a year and a half ago. I fainted while on the wheel and hit the vehicle in front of me. I was in a rush for a job interview so I skipped breakfast. My license was suspended. It has beef suspended ever since. The dmv want me to get a drivers medical evaluation. But i don't know where to go. I tried going to my health provider and they do not fill out those forms. Every where I go. I get sent to some other place where they still don't fill those papers out.
This is the form to fill out and take to the doctor most familiar with you:
Can a D.U.I charge be dropped if the C.H.P officers did not read someone their Miranda rights?
I have a friend who was rear ended on the freeway and ended up crashing her car, the other car kept driving and left the scene. The highway patrol came and arrested her but they did not read her, her Miranda rights and they also tried to tell her she was not hit by another car, is there any way the charges can be dropped or reduced since the officers may have violated procedure?
Miranda violations rarely result in a DUI case being dismissed. In fact, they rarely have any impact whatsoever....