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Is there any way to avoid the DMV suspension because I drive professionally and need my drivers license to earn a living.
I am a commercial truck driver and received a letter from DMV of intent to suspend my drivers license. I backed into a vehicle while I was driving my personal car and my insurance coverage had lapsed. Truth is I was being irresponsible and didn't pay my monthly premium. Now I am faced with the probability of a 1 year suspension and in all likelihood be terminated from my current position as a tanker driver. I am also concerned that I would not be able to secure any employment in the same field if DMV carries out the suspension. My broker also informed me that there is a great probability that I will be assessed 1 1/2 to 2 points that could remain on by MVR for an indefinite period. I was defiant and didn't listen to my broker when he advised me to pay for the damages to the other vehicle without involving her insurance company. I now feel like a fool and stand to lose my job, my home and my wife because it was her vehicle that I hit. Is there anything that I can do to stop the suspension and the addition of the points on my MVR. I have requested a hearing but not sure if I should just fall on sword and be contrite or is there another option. Please help. Thanks
You should probably get a face-to-face consultation with an attorney that handles DUI cases in your area. To see what...
Can my drivers' license record be updated after a dismissal of a DUI and a reduction in charges of a DUI down to reckless?
I was arrested for DUI; it was dismissed due to video evidence proving I wasn't driving (VC23152 A &B). Both were dismissed. DMV shows I have a DUI. Can this be corrected by the DMV? Three months later, I was arrested while in my apartment for DUI. I was packing my vehicle to go back into the field for training so my front door was open and the car door was open but I wasn't driving. The DA reduced the charges to reckless driving. The judge imposed AA classes, alcohol awareness classes and a fine. I had deployed to Iraq shortly after my arrest so the case had to be continued. When it was finally settled, my attorney told the DA I wasn't driving and there was no evidence. The DA said that I wasn't going to get away with 'nothing' so they reduced it down to a reckless driving charge (VC 23103 (A)). But DMV has it on my drivers' record as a DUI. How do I get my driving record cleaned up? It is hindering my career path. Thanks for any help.
You should contact your attorney. Generally, the DMV will consider a wet reckless the same as a DUI for purposes of...
How long will be served with overcrowding on a felony dui?
Son was taken in on a felony dui warrant to west vly det ctr in San Bernardino, no prior arrests.
Sorry but it is no way to answer that question with knowing more about your sentence. Since you are charged with a...
No record of blood drawn for dui
Arrested by hwy patrol, taken to substation for sheriff's dept. Blood drawn, taken to jail and bailed out. No record of me at arraignment nor DA s office. No blood sample record in the system at sheriffs crime lab 15 days after the arrest. is this common?
Depends on the time frame. How long did this occur? Right now, San Bernardino criminal record system is totally broken....
The DA wants to give me a SCRAM bracelet for my first DUI, can I "bargain" or "trade" for a "different but equal" penalty?
Long story short, I had a stupid, and emotional night, drove when i shouldn't have. Ofcourse in my drunken state i decided to was a good idea to get some fast food before hitting home. I fell asleep (passed out) at the wheel in the drive through, bumping into the car infront of me. So while this is my first DUI, I understand i get "aggravated" penalties, for both the high BAC (above .20) and the "accident". I have no prior convictions, not even traffic violations. After going through several Pre-trials the DA wants to give me 10 hours work release (which is fine with me). But they also want to put a SCRAM bracelet on me for 180 days (which is absolutely humiliating, and horrifying to me). My question is: Is it possible to talk the DA out of the SCRAM? I would absolutely trade it for an IIED, or double community service, or double the fine, or ANYTHING. I just can bear to think ill have to wear that for 180 days like a felon on house arrest. Can a DA "bargain" or "trade" penalties? If so, how likely is it? and is there anything I can do to help myself? Does the fact that I preemptively enrolled in the 9-month DUI class make it any better (haven't been convicted yet)? Thank you.
The SCRAM is NOT a required penalty. You should hire a good Dui attorney to represent you.
I am the only caregiver for my son. I have a new court date for a DUI
My daughter was able to stay with my son for my first Date but I was not on cal. so they told me to go home and wait for something in the mail. I have received a new date but my circumstances are different now. I have NO ONE to care for my son. My daughter works and goes to college. I can not afford to hire someone and I have NO ONE to care for him but me. He is 21 still in diapers does not speak words or have any real communication or follow Dir. he is also going blind and can not care for himself he needs 24/7 supervision. He has tantrums. is very loud in public places etc.. I can not bring him with me. I have never been in trouble with the law. Is there any other way to have my case heard? Can I write someone explaining and let them decide? I do not want to get a warrant for FTA I do not want my son taken away I'm scared and don't know what to do. Please help
First, this is not a family law question. Second, do you have an attorney? If this is a hearing on a DUI, you can get...
How can I fight this, what is the best option ? Can I request any live recordings from the officer ? Will I loose my career
I got pulled over around 1am , officer did ask if I was drinking and for my license and registration. I cooperated. He left to his vehicle and when he returned , other officers arrived and took over and the cop who pulled me over left. They asked me to exit my vehicle and perform 2 tests. I cooperated. He asked me multiple questions and had me blow a breathalyzer. He said I'm under the age and put me under arrest and into his vehicle. Earlier before the arrest he stated that the officer pulled me over because I was driving to close to him. After the arrest he asked me to take a breathalyzer or blood test. Asked me if I know anyone who can pick me up. Told me my car is being transported to the impound. Asked me if I had any personal belongings in the vehicle. Offered me to drive me to my residence and released me to my mother. Uncuffed me and gave me my tickets and other paperwork.
Review your scenario is an experience criminal defense attorney in your area who can evaluate exactly what your options...