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A friend of mine got a dui in california hes illegal and is waiting to go to court, is he going to get deported?
he paid a fine of $2000 dollars and already went thru the classes they tell you to go to.. now a lawyer needs to represent him on court on december. he was driving on the freeway when he got pulled over and got a DUI he got arrested and was out of jail the next day.
Seems strange that he has had to pay fines before being convicted.... That being said, your friend should try to get...
I got a DUI 12 years ago. I never took the required DUI classes. Will I get jail get jail time if I go before a judge?
I got a DUI 12 years ago. I never took the required DUI classes or finished my community service, which was 90 days. Will I get jail get jail time if I go before a judge? I contacted the county court office and got a court date. I am worried I will be taken into custody. I am a single parent and don't know what to do with my daughter if that happens. I do not have money for a lawyer.
There should not be a problem but why are you going to court anyway... probation violation? Warrant ? If so yes you...
Can my son be arrested for DUI after vehicle accident even if blood test does not show anything? It's been two months already.
My son was involved in a car accident and the car was totaled. His friend, a passenger with him, was slightly injured but going to be okay. My son, nor his friend, can remember what happened. They had gone to a bar with friends and my son said he only had two drinks. It was late at night by the time they left the bar to drive home. My son thinks he might have fallen asleep. The police report says he sped through a red light, lost control of the car, and caused damage to a house before slamming into a tree. His blood test has come back (results unknown) but no arrest yet. He and all of his friends have been questioned by the police but the detective thinks they are not telling him the whole story. Can my son be arrested for DUI or something else even if the blood test is negative?
If the blood test comes back negative for alcohol or drugs, then he can't be charged for a DUI. However, he can still...
I was arrested for a DUI with a bac of.08%. Is there a good chance i can get this reduced to a wet reckless driving?
I have a clean record; no traffic violation tickets and no prior arrests. I was cooperative when the officers pulled me over. My arrest was under the jurisdiction of LA County.
Sure, it's possible. You'll still need to tango with the DMV and set a hearing within 10 days or your arrest. This...
Can I sign up for DUI classes early?
When I was released after 72hours without seeing a judge all I got was the pink temporary license with no type of court date. I blew a .09 and my blood was taken. I scheduled a dmv hearing but it's not until September. Can I sign up for the classes and get them started rather than sit around and waste time? Is there a chance my blood test can come back lower than .08? And can a DUI with an accident be reduce to "wet reckless" charge I've been reading about?
Absolute, you can enroll as a volunteer with a H6 print out from DMV.
How do I find out my BAC from a DUI I was arrested for?
I'm not sure of my BAC for a DUI? How can I obtain that information?
Tha might be difficult without an attorney. Be sure to set a DMV Hearing within 10 days of your arrest.
No dmv hearing date or court date
I got my DUI the beginning of the month blew a .09 and took a blood test. I was told if the DA decides to press charges I would get a notice in the mail I even been checking my case on the court website/calling but no updates. The dmv sent me an extension of my temporary license good till November 1st. Which actually helps me with more time to save for a lawyer due to low income. Does this mean they are taking more time to get evidence against me. Or can it just mean there are no hearing dates available yet. 1st DUI/1st time in trouble age 23.(no court arraignment I was held for 3 days without seeing judge so I got self released)
Did you schedule a hearing with the DMV? I suspect "they" are just waiting for the blood results. Retain an attorney....