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Obviously license suspended and warrant. Never appeared because I could not afford lawyer and as petrified of jail. Don't want to be afraid anymore. Want this behind me. Know I need to get lawyer in NJ first, then set up surrender. after I appear, since I live in PA, will I be allowed to take the DUI classes here or at least a closer county in PA?
You are right, you need to hire an experienced criminal lawyer first in NJ to vacate the warrant. Let that attorney...
My adult son is on ARD-a few months left for a felony unrelated to driving or drinking or drugs. He just got pulled over for a speeding ticket. I am hoping that will not affect his ARD. Am I correct?
Generally, a speeding ticket will have no bearing on ARD. However, there could be some exceptions to that. If, for...
I live in PA. I am newly on probation. It is not for a DUI.
Do the terms of your probation require you to abstain from alcohol use? If the court ordered you not to drink, expect...
I plead not guilty and entered ARD for General Impairment (0.099 BAC) in PA. I will not receive a license suspension because it is the lowest tier of offense. Will my insurance company notice this and will it affect my insurance? I understand they would if my license were suspended, but I wasn't clear on if this will be reported to them because there is no suspension / points.
Things are not generally "reported" to your insurance company. They check your records. Whether they check your court...
He drove to his Ex's house intoxicated and started an argument verbally beating her down with their child home, was asked to leave numerous times but refused. He got physical, the police were called and he took off on foot when the police arrived because he has no license and was drunk, leaving his car In the driveway. They did not catch him but the Ex needed to seek medical attention a few days later and her hand and finger were badly sprained.
The short answer is, "most likely jail" consideraing the probation/parole violation as well as the new charges. He...
Was speeding and the officer pulled me over and gave me a field and breathalyzer. Passed field but blew a .136. I was in my complex and they walked me home, and told me I would not be charged. Can they charge me after? They told me I was video taped.
I don't think you will be charged because no official chemical test was performed.
I didn't drink or do drugs so I don't understand their reason for this.
Were you cited for anything? More information is needed. Call a qualified defense attorney to discuss these events.