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BAC .19 Roll-over car accident blood, and breath tests License was suspended at the time
You will be charged with an OWI second.
My first offense and I blew a .19, wondering if i could fight the case or hire a lawyer or what?
Speak to a WI DUI lawyer. Merely knowing the blood alcohol level isn't enough information for a DUI lawyer to...
I took probation for my 3rd ow I sat in jail 120 nights . . . . when I was released my probation officer put a ankle bracelet on me that monitors alcohol use . . I have now had this on for longer than I sat in jail . . . I have not drank and have had no issues with this device . . . . . . How long must I wear this thing ? ? ? . . . I have to be home everyday so it can take a reading so it kinda limits what I can do .
For the most part, the probation rules are whatever your probation officer says they are, and whatever the court...
I recieved two owi's in wis. in 2003 or 2004 (eau claire and dunn counties) . I also left the state right after and now have two bail jumping charges as well. I also had three previous dwi's in texas the last one being in 1996. I completed all jail time and probation on those three in texas. Now i am back in wis. and dont like living like a fugitive. I have been totally sober and active in aa for one year and am a full-time student and afraid to go to prison. can anyone give me an idea of what will happen to me if i turn myself in. I want this behind me. i had a terrible drinking problem and no i need to be responsible but I am so scared.
You do not really ask a question in your post. If you are asking whether the statute of limitaitons has run, the...
Completion of the IDIP program means a reduced sentence (jail time, fines, revocation). Will I have to sit the full sentence since I'm having to report before I can complete the program even though I agreed to the conviction with reduced sentencing. DUI
It is not clear exactly where your case stands at this point but assuming it is criminal in nature (since you mentioned...
I asked about withdrawing my plea on a previous post, but there is also a Question I have about the statute of limitations. I was arrested on 3/04/06 for my owi (the same night as my Brother), but failed to return to court in the fall of 2006. A warrant was issued in 2006 and I was just picked up on it on 8/31/10. I have lived in the state in the past 4 1/2 years and have not left the state to avoid this warrant, and have been arrested in two different counties (neither county honoring this warrant). I can verify my residence and employment for this period of time, through my taxes and residential lease agreements. I need to know how to bring this issue up in court becase the D.A. is trying to sentence me next week, and I haven't even met my public defender yet. Any help? Thanks!
If the charge was already filed, it's likely you will have to defend it. If you are about to be sentenced and have...
I called my brother for a ride from a tavern because I was intoxicated and asked him to drive. My brother stayed at the tavern drinking and when we left, he was pulled over for a owi. Upon his arrest, at least 3-4 police officers left me with the vehicle, and even started it to keep me warm (it was 13 degrees out), then left the scene without giving me a ride to somewhere safe. I waited for approx. 40 minutes and couldn't get ahold of anyone for a ride, the van running out of gas, I tried to drive to my sisters house and got stopped and arrested for an owi also. the police knew I was intoxicated and had 2 priors and I feel they didn't do their job to protect me and the public. Had they not put the keys in the van, started it, and left me there, I wouldn't have had control of it. HELP!!
You should talk to a lawyer in your area about your defense. It may be possible to withdraw your uncounseled plea....