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Hello, I am confused on what to do and would greatly appreciate any advice. It was my college graduation week and my friend took me to a friends house for some drinks. We gave some of our friends a ride back . One of them started throwing up and paul the driver took an immediate right so that she could throw up in an alley. When leaving the alley, we were pulled over simce my friend had taken a one way street. Before the cops could come to the car , we started looking for documenst and switched so that i could find them since the car is mine and i had alot of stuff. I am now being charged with a dui. I have been offered the ARD program but i wasn't driving. My friend the driver has agreed to testify but the public tells me to take the ARD. Please advice . How about the traffic cameras?
You have a public defender, who is your attorney and must be the sole source of information regarding your case. No...
Is there any thing else the police can do?? In PA
They can and probably will charge you with DUI if they haven't already. You can appeal the license suspension with in...
My daughter,19,had just finished her 90+90 day suspension as part of her DUI that she got in May 2012.She was (still is, I guess) on the ARD program, she took all the classes, etc.Her "eligibility date" to drive was Sept.30.Tonight,she just got cited again for underage drinking. She was walking home and got stopped on the street by the state police, they smelled alcohol, and of course, her breathalyzer was above the limit (0.02 for underage?). The trooper wasn't helpful with our questions,he said it would be up to the judge if she would lose her license again in addition to the fine.Is this true?We just paid off the first fine and were about to start the process of expunging her record.What will her record look like now?She had a useless public defender before,does she need a lawyer now?
First tier, first offense DUI. Need it off ASAP for a job, supposed to be 90 days but I know that is near Impossible. Just want to know if I should do it myself or get a lawyer
Some counties will expunge automatically upon completion of ARD, so the first thing you should do is make sure that the...
I received a first tier, first offense dui, completed ARD
An expungement petition can be filed and processed within 90 days, however, it will not be completed in that short of...
hosp staff and police held me down and inserted a catheter into my bladder to obtain urine specimen, i told them they did not have my consent to do the procedure but told me I had to have it done. Wouldn't this fall under Patient Bill of rights to refuse procedures and treatment. There was no court order
Can a hospital restrain you to get a urine drug screen against your consent if there is no court order? Yes, because...
this was after you were home about an half hour and it took more than an hour and a half the blood was drawn and the person had a mental health break down and didn't know it at the time of the accident an had no idea what he did or didn't say to the police
Yes you can be charged but you may have a post driving consumption defense. Contact an attorney immediately to discuss...