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Got arrested for a 1st Time offense DUI. How much is this going to cost me if I go through a high end lawyer like Travis Noble?
1st Time DUI (1st time anything....even a speeding ticket), Failure to yield to emergency vehicle, careless driving, .12 BAC, Active Duty Marine
Most lawyers have different rates depending on the case, their experience, etc. You should call a couple lawyers,...
Can i get my license back if i have a DWI in another state?
I got a dwi in Missouri in 2012 I got everything I needed to do to get it dealt with done. I'm 2015 I got a dwi in Colorado that is still an open case. I'm now trying to get my license back in Missouri. Will my Dwi in Colorado effect getting my license back in Missouri?
Not enough info provided. It largely depends on why you were suspended in Missouri and how your Colorado case gets...
I believe you'll lose license until 17. In Missouri an ATV is a vehicle hat qualifies for a DWI charge. I'd suggest...
Have a revoke hearing court date for nonpayment of fines for suspended license can I go to jail
Was put on unsupervised probation 3 months ago haven't been able to pay fines have prove that I have no income what should I expect at court
You really should have an experienced criminal defense lawyer advise and represent you during the revocation hearing -...
Is there a way to not have an IID installed after a 10 year denile?
I was charged with a misdemeanor DUI in early 2008, it was later dropped and re-filed as a class D felony DUI. I was convicted and had to do only probation with no fines or any other actions. The state reissued my license after the misdemeanor was dropped and had no other action against me until I went to renew 5 years later and decided that they should have issued a denial. On the "bright side" they said that is was retroactive to the original date and I could get it re-instated in 2018. I was in the process of getting a hardship license when I was transferred to another state for work and have been driving here legally because the denial is only in Missouri. I have been in no other trouble but a lot has happened in the 10 years and I have become an ordained minister and am being offered a church back in Missouri when the pastor retires in mid-2018 and will be moving back. I have no issue going through the legal process to obtain my reinstatement and I do not hide my past from anyone but visitations, meetings and lunches may be awkward with a pastor that has to blow into an IID so was wondering if this can be argued or if it is set in stone. Thank you
First, how did you get a valid license in your new state? Almost all states require you to get your old state's license...
If you get 3 dwi charges in 11 yrs. Last one being on a suspended licence what is your likely sentence
My husband just got his 3rd dwi while still being on suspesion from the second
Your husband absolutely needs an attorney. He is potentially facing up to four years in prison. There are also...
Do I have to take a dui class on my first offence after I paid my reinstatement fee Or should I get a lawyer?
Trying to get my license back and its a hassle. Do I need help with this case?
Yes, you should definitely hire an attorney for any DWI offense, including a first offense. Consequences for a DWI are...