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  • KCSD: Shoplifters hit supermarkets

    Wednesday Jul 27 | via The Spokesman-Review 

    On July 26, 2016 the Sheriff's Office responded to four separate theft calls at the Hayden Super 1 Foods which resulted in charges being filed against seven individuals for various charges relating to the thefts. The first call came in at just before 1:00 AM when a 17 year old Hayden resident entered the store for his "comfort food" which was a jar of Nutella and began eating it without paying for it.


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Blanchard Law

I was sited for having an open container of beer in my car two weeks ago. I passed a rigorous field sobriety test, and was allow
to drive home. I have no criminal history. In Idaho, this is a misdemeaner. should I hire a lawyer, or plead guilty and ask for consideration from the judge. I would prefer a deferred prosecution with the option of having the charges dropped over time. How likely is this? Is it more likely with legal representation? I was alone in the car, and there was only one beer in the car. The officer did not see me consume the beer. I told them about the beer after they questioned me. Thanks for guidance on this.
A good local attorney will almost always give a defendant the best chance at a dismissal, whether by agreed settlement...
I just moved from California to Idaho. And got a dui with my Cali license, what do i do?
I now live in Idaho. I don't live in California. I just havent gotten my Idaho License yet. But Got a dui on friday night. My fiance bailed me out and I was released Saturday morning. How do I handle this?
If you failed a breath alcohol test, then Idaho will suspend your license anyway. Technically they do not suspend your...
Should I hire an expert to challenge the blow test on a 0.1.6 in Idaho?
I am thinking of hiring an expert in my 2nd DUI case where I recently blew a 0.1.6 (about 4 beers), I am 71 years old and 160 pds. Do you think an expert could somehow challenge the blow test in Idaho, in regards to my age, weight, and miscalculation of the machine?
This is something you should be talking with your attorney about.
Do I need an interlock device with a withheld judgment on a felony DUI charge?
I was charged with a third DUI in 10 years (first two were in a different state, this was my first in Idaho). The judge granted me a withheld judgment and I have since made some major lifestyle changes. My PO has submitted paperwork for early termination we're waiting on the court's decision. I have completed three of seven years and my PO thinks I am ready to move on with my life. After three years court-ordered suspension, Idaho DMV has fully reinstated my license. They say there is no instruction from the court for me to have an IID installed, and my PO even says that he can't find anything stating I need one. My sentencing included three years suspended license, with one year absolute. My concern is that Idaho law states that any subsequent DUI conviction requires an IID. In my case, there was never a conviction since I was granted a withheld judgment, and it was my first DUI in the state of Idaho. Do these factors play into why I may not need the IID? I have my physical license in hand now, so I'm clear with the DMV, and with my PO. But I've been doing so well and I don't want to screw up based on a technicality that may or may not apply to me.
Best to have your Criminal attorney review all the paper work and laws to be sure.
Why does my license suspension show up on my driving record?
I got a DUI in Idaho in 2013 and my license was suspended, I ended up using my withheld judgement on it, a few months ago I tried getting a driving position and it was turned down because the suspension came up when they ran the check on me. Why doesn't the suspension go away along with the DUI if that charge was the reason I got the suspension to begin with?
This is a question for a ID lawyer who does DUIs, not 'speeding & traffic tickets'. Assume that a 'withheld judgment'...
What does Subpoena Return /Found -JFD and Subpoena Return /Found -Km mean on the repository of a DUI/drug charge?
Friend was pulled over and received a DUI but also received a drug charge for methamphetamines when he in fact only have marijuana. And it was put out for the discovery of evidence from the state lab. And then this subpoena returns showed on the Idaho repository. Was wondering what the intials meant??
Ask the clerks who make the notations. That is the best source.
Do I get my right to own a firearm back once I have successfully completed probation for a felony DUI
I got a felony DUI in 2007 for third DUI in 10 years. I have successfully completed my felony probation and everything I find says I get my rights back, but want to be sure before I purchase a gun for hunting season.
It is against federal law to own, possess, or purchase a firearm of any kind once you have been convicted of a felony...