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My question is will I get any jail time
I was involved in an accident in Pa which resulted in my getting 3 counts dui for drugs and alcohol, and 3 summary charges for reckless driving, no seatbelts for me or passenger, and being on wrong side of road. This was in November. In February I was pulled over again for dui. I refused to be tested for bac. My vehicle was impounded. They found open container in my car as well as pills, some in bottles as I have prescribed.
From what you've written, 60-90 days in jail is likely. If Indiana County has an intermediate punishment program you...
Can I get a PA occupational license if I still owe a fine? I meet all requirements but have to work to pay the fine!
all requirements met except the steep fine. I was exradited from colorado but the violation of probation was dropped because i lived in oregon when I plead guilty. They errantly issued a fugitive hold and charged me the expense.
There are many requirements to securing a OLL. It is suggested that you sit down with an experienced attorney to...
I got a DUI, pulling out of the methadone clinic. I passed the sobriety test and was still taken for blood work? Help.
I also had marijuana in my system from weeks prior. The police officer also was very prejudice and told me a lot of things that he shouldn't have. Is their anyway, I can beat this case?
I can't directly answer thst question anymore than I can predict the outcome of a jury trial. What I can say is that...
Can I sue the state board of nursing for compensatory damages?
My license was suspended for 10 years and the Supreme Court just ruled they could not do that. They state that I was served a great injustice and injury by not being permitted to work. They prevented me from "earning my livelihood " as stated. I could have been working since 2013 per their ruling..
No, because at the time of the suspension, the board was acting legally.
Is a CDL driver held to the .04 BAC when in a non CDL required vehicle?
In a discussion that the opposing person believes that a CDL licensed driver can be charged with a DUI in a non CMV at the .04 BAC level. It is my belief that the .04 should apply only when operating a commercial vehicle. Can you please clarify and state actual law and/or case law to cite your case. Thank you.
You are correct. The type of license has nothing to do with the BAC which will trigger a DUI. It is the type of vehicle....
My son got his first DUI. They postponed it twice. How many times can they postponed it, if he can't pay the fines, what happens
My son has never had a D UI before, my husband and I will not pay his fines. He's a good kid, hard worked, and doesn't do drugs. This is a lesson he has to learn on his own. Mommy and daddy are bailing him out
There is not enough clear information here. Are the costs part of probation or disposition of the case? Who continues...
Can I plead not guilty to a underage cited up at IUP college with a prior DUI offense
I went up to IUP with my friends and went to a party and ended up staying overnight there. I woke up still decently intoxicated to a guy forcing himself on top of me at 5 am not knowing where my friends were I fought him off me and ran to a sheetz until my parents (who lives 1 1/2 hours away) came to get me. I decided to sit in the sheetz bathroom stall and I fell asleep and woke up to three cops and a peremedic standing infront of me. They were super friendly but breathalyzer me and cited me for a underage. Could I plead not guilty and explain to the judge I was fearful for my wellbeing from the guy that tried to force himself on me? Would I win? I'm currently on a DUI suspended license from when I was 17 and I get my license back next month. If I do plead guilty will they re suspend my license? What would be my best option? Please help!
You have too many things going on that don't add up/ I don't understand what "being fearful of my well being" has to do...