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Notice of driving Prohibition technical legality.
Hello earlier this morning i received a notice of driving prohibition / certificate of service in bc canada. I blew a fail and got my license suspended for 90 days and car impounded for 30. However technically speaking i was not personally served with the notice. On the bottom of the notice it reads this: I ___(name of peace officer)___, a peace officer, certify that on ___(date)_ I personally served ___(name of driver)___ with a copy of the notice of driving prohibition. he signed it and put his badge # down, however in the spot (name of driver) he wrote his own name down instead of mine, so i ask if this questions the legality of the document since i was not "personally served" and if this is reasonable to get my prohibition revoked? I am in surrey bc canada not blaine washington.
If I understand your question right this incident occurred in British Columbia. Since that is an entirely different...
When did the vehicular homicide sentence increase in Washington State take effect?
December 26th 2011 a car accident on Highway 2 in Washington State killed a pedestrian while driver was under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Charged June 6th 2012, does the sentence increase for vehicular homicide apply?
The law in effect on the date of the offense is the one which would apply.
What legal advice would be given for being hit by a drunk driver?
Long story, short. Was hit by a drunk driver at low speed. No physical injuries, but noticing some emotional distress i.e. slight depression, slight panic attacks for driving a night. Said drunk driver claimed full fault of accident. My van is deemed totaled by his insurance company. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
If you have not done so, you need to be checked out by a doctor for your injuries. If any, you should seek treatment....
Went deferred, the judge ordered 2 yr interlock & 2 yr treatment program. Now DOL says I have to keep the interlock for 5 yrs
I got a DUI 13 years ago. I got another one in October of 2016. I enrolled in an intensive inpatient 2 yr treatment program and attend AA meetings weekly. I went deferred and the judge ordered the interlock for 2 years and the treatment program (which I'd already enrolled in). A few weeks later I got a letter from DOL ordering interlock for 5 years. Is this anything I can appeal?
They have their own set of rules apart from what the Court orders. Ask your attorney to take a look at it
O.K., let me put this another way. I was cited for a DUI on December 2, 2007 at 12:00 p.m., lets get this straight...NOON!
I woke up at 8 a.m. went under a house climbed a ladder looked at the roof inspected the interior of an impending purchase shook hands with the realtor took a shower drove to the title company had meeting w/ loan offlcer drive back to realtors office and WHAA??? Are you kidding me? This rookie cop who I saw write on his palm .10 puts me thru sobriety tests (all the while I'm thinking you're kidding right?) Hire a lawyer go before judge $8.60 a month, house arrest, ignition lock, (which subsequently fried my battery} all these b.s. restrictions...for that which I was falsely convicted! And here's the kicker, attorney sez I can defer this impending conviction...? whoa, whoa, whoa. BUT I WASN'T UNDER THE INFLUENCE IN THE FIRST PLACE.
I'm a bit confused about when this happened. Was it really 9 years ago on 12/2/2007? If so, what stance is the case...
I have 1 count eluding and reckless endangerment court date in a month, I am currently on release and I am not guilty due to med
My L and I claim just put me on these medications,adderall,xanax,antidepressants.. I have no criminal history or have I ever been on medications like these! or any drug use, I started to hallucinate and the hospital I went to before the police chase said I only had my prescription in the blood work. I have proof of the medications giving me a very bad reaction . The L and I psychiatrist just dumped me when I told him what had happened. I don't know what to do here. carol
From your description, the thing to do is to hire an attorney. People can be and are convicted all the time for...
How can someone hit a parked car be drunk have a suspended license and not go to jail.
My sister hit a parked car was drunk has a suspended license and the cops brought her home not jail why?
Maybe the jail was full? Maybe there was a blood test that needed to be done prior to charging? Does she have an...