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Can he get a license in Minnesota, or how long will he have to wait if not?
A friend of mine lost his license due to dui in missouri. He was not able to get to the required classes to have it reinstated. The classes were in a city about 18 miles from the city he lived in. His job was very difficult about arranging his schedule so he could go and his only transportation were very spendy two way taxi rides, he would have needed to do this several times, something he really couldn't afford. He now moved to Minnesota and has no plans to return to Missouri is there a way for him to get a license here?
Unfortunately, he will not be able to get a license in any state until he clears up the loss of license in Missouri....
What's the best way to go about my case am I going to jail?
I have a cancelled license from a dwi I got in 2014 I drove my car to get my property from a friend I sat at this gas station in a parking spot and waited for like 30min then cops pulled up approached me and asked for my license and insurance I didn't have none so they searched and impounded my car now I'm on probation still from the dwi do they give you jail time for something like that
I'd need to learn more about your situation, but from what you describe it sounds like you'll be prosecuted for the...
Would someone with a prior record of DWI's who was charged on two separate occasions with DAC-IPS be required to jail time?
Record of person shows that over the last 10 years there is one DWI - the others were well over 10 yrs ago, and in one it was lowered to a careless driving. Since the DWI in 2011 offender was charged with DAC-IPS 2012 and had alcohol but not over the limit. The last DAC-IPS in 2013 there was no alcohol involved simply on the way to her job, and stopped for a cracked window. Has since paid reinstatement fee, applied for DL, and taking the steps to show they have been clean and free of alcohol for a year. What could happen in this case?
The recent DAC-IPS charges make it reasonable for the prosecutor to ask for jail. The fact that the person has been...
My 20 yr old son was stopped for DWI in MN we live in GA, can we reschedule court date
We just want to reschedule court so it's convenient for work.
It is possible depending on the county the case is in. You would do so by contacting the Prosecutor to seek an...
Gastric Bypass and BAC
Just wondering if any of you have had this issue, I did not know the effects of this, because I don't drink and drive but got a dwi after 4 beers and a shot in 6hours I was doing research and seen that it effects me faster then I feel fine but the alcohol stays in the blood stream 2 times longer then a person without gastric bypass do I have a chance for my sentence to be lessened I don't want it dropped cause I know I did wrong but didn't know about this situation. Thanks teressa
at the very last, you would need expert medical testimony to support your assertions.
How do I report a driver with DWI plates clearly violating while driving??? I have made phone call to Coon Rapids PD on driver
Driver in Coon Rapids had black supersport Chevy Impala with DWI plates illegal tinted windows driving erradictly on Hwy 10 at unsafe speeds and endangering other drivers? He continues to do so daily and lives somewhere in Apartment complex directly behind Lifetime Fitness in Coon Rapids? I have a picture a took today of car parked in Bamboo Betty's bar parking lot at 9:30 am with DWI plates which obviously is an employee and Bamboo Betty's has numerous customers daily with DWI plates even contractor trucks/vans??? My children bear witness daily to drivers with DWI plates actually breaking the laws and we see more and more of them in specific cities like Coon Rapids and Lexington MN.......WHY??? HOW DO WE REPORT BLATANT OFFENDERS??? WHY CAN'T WE AS CONSUMERS AND TAXPAYERS MAKE THE FEE$$$ FOR DWI PLATES CHANGE FROM $57 TO $570??? WILLING TO WRITE LETTERS AND HELP CHANGE LAWS...TEACH ME PLEASE THANKS Heather Lynn Hudak
It sure sounds as tho' it would be relatively easy for you to get your issues as to the one particular veh' addressed -...
If I ask for a warrant and a office says he doesn't need one. How is that consent if I say ok!
I was pulled over November 5th 2014 for a DUI in which my roadside was .07 in my blood test was .06 but I had my prescription which is a benzo in my system. There's no Squad video there's no audio all it is is my word vs the officers. I've been to omnibus twice now. Each I'm getting shut down. Short and simple my question is if an officer of the law states he doesn't need a warrant for a blood test and says that it's my veins and if I resist they're going to get f***** up. And that regardless I am taking a blood test. And I say okay how is that consent to a warrantless blood draw? I have a public defender I'm getting dragged across the coals I don't know what to do I can't afford a real attorney I've lost everything to this DUI it never ends it's my third is very serious and I'm sick of taking pleas to things that I am innocent of. What is there that I can do the judge said I can send it by saying okay when I asked for a warrant in the first place and the officer said he didn't need one. I have two kids that ultimately are the ones that are being hurt by this. Im so lose on what to do. I'm not pleading to something I'm incent of. There was no driving infraction just a wide turn
Unfortunately you don't always get along with the attorney assigned to your case. You can challenge the "consent"...