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DUI and general impairment questions
If you were charged with DUI and general impairment 1st offense and also DUI and general impairment 4th offense and you lost the trial but are appealing, if it went back to trial could you be charged with two different sentences for that?
The question is confusing and needs to be clarified before an answer can be provided. It may be better to consult with...
My buddy just got a 4th d.u.i. he also has a pending case of driving without a licsence. how much time is he looking at?
also he recently just served prison time and did the s.i.p. program for a d.u.i
DUI imprisonment consequences vary upon prior convictions. If all 3 priors are felony DUI's (Aggravated DUI) or if he...
When will my DUI be off my driving record?
I got a DUI in October of 2015. It was my first offense, and I did ARD. All the fines are paid and everything is completed. I am applying for a delivery driver position, and I need to have a clean record for 3 years. When will the DUI come off my MVR?
As you are aware, with ARD the offense is expunged from your criminal record after successful completion of the program....
Will i get charged with dui if i had an accident?
my brother was involve in a accident with a public transit bus the other driver wasn't hurt, He was sent to the hospital where his blood test was taken for normal procedure of the hospital and not by the police. the blood test from the hospital showed he had alcohol in the system. no police were present at the hospital. can he be charge with dui?
It is possible. I would advise your brother to engage a lawyer to he can be protected.
Can a duress defense when in a trial dui case?
Can a defendant with a private attorney win a dui case with duress defense. An there is evidence to prove the defendant was life threatened?
The defendants life was threatened so that he drank and drove. Could be. Ask your lawyer to allow you to tell the...
Can I be convicted of a DUI if I was not in the car?
Charged with a DUI but I was not in the car when the cops arrived nor did I have possession of the keys. Not involved in an accident . Cops came because of a fight.
Maybe. There is not enough information to know the answer to that question. The Commonwealth would have to prove that...
I recently got a DUI with a .10 Police got a call of a "possible" intoxicated driver, by my disgruntled ex.
I would like to know how to properly defend myself in this case and how I can help my circumstances. Is his call enough to be arrested? What do police look for before giving you a breathalyzer?
Police are free to act on tips from the public. Best option: get a DUI attorney asap, stay offline, not a DIY project.