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Felony dui plus violation of probation
I have a friend who is on their fourth offense of dui and is now considered a felony dui charge and at the time of his arrest he was on probation. How much time is he looking at and is there a way that he can go to rehab instead of prison if convicted?
If your friend is convicted of the last DWI, that could be a violation of his probation and the court could activate...
Can I be conceived o DWI in north Carolina
When the no one saw me driving the car, and the keys were not in the car, and I had a witness who tolld the court I was not driving the car at any time, the driver had wrecked the car, and the driver and the witness went to get help, and I was just sitting in the front seat smokinga cigareete, and fell asleep in the drivers seat, but the car was totaled and like I said the keys was not on me or in the car and they still charged me with DWI , is that legal and can they convict me of dwi
The State has to prove every element of the crime, including driving. If they have a witness or an officer that can put...
How many years apart does a DUI need to be in order to not count as a consecutive charge?
I got a DUI on December 29, 2007 while drinking. Then on April 29, 2015 I was in an accident in which I was injured with head trauma plus other injuries. I was unconscious just prior to the police arriving. While in the ambulance one of the officers overheard me tell the paramedic that I take klonapin and he came into the ambulance to tell me I would be charged with DUI. I took 3 breathalyzers and they all came up at 0. I have a public defender who told me it was going to be an up hill battle because of my first DUI. She said that if it's been less than 7 years between the two there is jail time. I told her that it had been more than 7 years, but she argued that since I didn't plead guilty until May 2008 that it was 6 years and 11 months. I have some concerns about this attorney.
For north carolina, it's 7 years. For other states, it's different.
Can you help me get my Drivers license back.
I got a DWI in VA in 1993 never went to court was convicted in 1996 I need to know if I have to pay a fine I can't do any jail time have two twin boys living with me
Possibily, the only way to know is to setup a consultation with a lawyer. We would need to review your record to...
I had 2 DUIs over 5 years ago. I am trying to get my license reinstated and having difficulty.
Ga needs from SC, Maintain a valid interlock permit for 6 months, Provide 3 months of ignition interlock records or a financial hardship waiver from the court. I currently live in NC and no ne in Sc or GA has been able to assist me (SC says they have no idea what GA is talking about, I was never ordered to use an IID. Can anyone give me any advice. Is a waiver possible?
A lot depends on whether or not you have a current driver's license and what state that license was issued. NC does...
Can he testify at my trail. they found him not guilty for the aiding and abiding a dui. I was the person
My friend got charged with aiding and abiding a dui his lawyer told him to plea the 5th . he was found not quilty. I got a dui with him im taking it to superior court would he be able to testify for me as a witness
Sure he can testify for you, but his lawyer may again advise him not to talk.
Would it be possible to admit in rehab rather than jail time for a second dui?
i was arrested twice within 10 days? i blew a 1.2 and a 2.7 BAC.
You really need to consult with an attorney to review for the purpose of reviewing all your options. You already know...