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Will I be able to reinstate my FL DL after a DUI in GA in 2009?
I just went to court and finally handled my DUI. My Florida licensed expired in 2012 & I have not driven since. I actually live in North Carolina and was going to apply for a NC license after I finish DUI school and have my driving ban lifted in GA. I just recently did a driver's license check in FL and realized that my license in FL is revoked/due to the DUI. Want to know if FL will accept the 16 hour certificate class that I take in NC & if I will be able to get my license reinstated there. I am not certain if I can apply for a license in NC if I have a suspended license in another state. Thank you for your help.
Most states inflict DL suspensions and/or restrictions on the holder of a state DL when they receive a DUI/DWI in any...
I got a dui in north Carolina in 2003 and got put on probation I elected to bypass probation and serve my prison term.
Since then I had gotten several DWLR to tickets, which I have just recently had handled. So I go to DMV to reinstate my license and they tell me I have to complete dwi assessment. That was part of my probation which I elected to bypass and severe my time in prison. Should I still have to do the assessment since it was part of my probation terms or should I be able to get my drivers liscense with time severed.
You may have elected to serve active time, but with a DWI conviction in NC, you're still required to have an assessment...
Dwi -V- dui in NC and how long do courts have to have your dwi heard
In NC if charged for dwi. Is it law that courts have 120 days to have u in court? Not dui their is a difference correct?? I thought dui for state can go for year or better on length of misdemeanor in court an dwi is 120 a must an have to. An if they don't have you in court then what??? I
They probably should summons you to court in a matter of days. You should get on avvo's lawyer referral page and see...
Can I get approved again for DACA if I got a DUI?
I recently got a DUI this April and have yet to get convicted. It isn't looking great and my DACA expires in November. I don't have any prior run ins with the law other than a minor traffic incident that got reduced. I've been approved twice and am worried I won't get approved a third time. I pay my taxes and do everything I need to do it was one stupid mistake that I regret. I planned on returning to school this fall. Any advice?
DACA will not be approved with a DUI conviction. Contact a criminal defense attorney & US immigration attorney for...
I was charged in Chatham County 15A NCAC 10E .0104 USE OF AREAS REGULATED (a) No person shall leave any vehicle...
The officer wrote down the used an incorrect DMV Tag #. Can I use this to get the case dismissed?
Your citation can be amended by the prosecutor.
How long does an ignition interlock requirement stay on a person's record after a level 2 DUI conviction in NC?
Convicted in 2004, enlisted in military and have been licensed legally in 2 other states since 2010. If I move back to NC would I still have to get the lock even though 12 years have passed? Thanks
Yes, DMV requires 12 months of interlock, even after the suspension has ended.
Left Turn accident by a driver who was charged with DWI
Left Turn accident. I was pulling out of a parking lot. Looked both, however there was intersection a few feet down from parking lot.The driver ran the red light and hit me on the back seat door on the passenger side. He hit me and pressed on the gas to move my car out of the way and ran. Some witnesses went after him as I was calling 911. The cop quickly found him down the street and he was arrested for a DWI and DRWL. He also said he had not been in a accident, but changed his story by that yes he was in the accident but I pulled in front of him, we collided and I left the scene. Obvious that is not the truth. the policy report shows he is at fault. I also want to add that now ICE is involved and he maybe deported. My insurance found him 100% and his insurance found me "negligent " due to the contributory negligence law in North Carolina. I want add that the driver was not the owner of the car, neither owner of the car or the driver gave any statements to ANY of the insurances. The driver is encarcerated, so that made things challenging. I am getting treatment for neck pain and herniated dics. His insurance sent me a letter denying my claim. Do I have a case for a lawsuit?
Use the AVVO "Find a Lawyer" menu to find a lawyer to consult with. Contributory negligence can be problematic, but it...