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3 dwi's in first 6 months of 2015.
I have already plead to 2 but have one pending. Can I be charged/sentenced for the third. Somewhere I heard you can only be charged for 2 at the same time or something to that effect....please advise
What you heard is not correct. The State can, and certainly will, prosecute you on every DUI you have been charged with....
What is legal cost to defend a first time dui......had four drinks in between dinner, was not arrested , court date dec 17
first test which i was told would not count against me was .07....but officer told me it two tests were .09.....have had assessment completed and was told i would need to complete the lowest form addets...five classes...which i hope i will complete before coourt date....i also had 3=4 breath strips that night that i found out was loaded with alcohol, creating mouth alcohol, whcih does not go into your blood stream, but which the machines cant not differentiate the what is cost if i hire an attorney...what is outcome for first time actions, i have my drivers license back with full priveledges....
The cost will vary from attorney to attorney. It will also vary depending on what is included. Is it just for pre-...
Is it impossible to get driving privileges granted w\ 3 DUI alcohol free & taking DUI classes?
Most lawyers say it is but I have heard there is a way around it & a person could still get limited driving privileges depending on their driving record. What could be worse on the driving record to disqualify me? The DMV says 2018 before I can get a hearing to reinstate my license. That is a very long time & I have no way around & my husband is legally blind so taxi bills are thru the roof. I may even need a lawyer for the hearing in 2018 so I was told. I am willing to. Pay well for driving privileges if I can find a smart lawyer who knows the way around it. My lawyer for my case was pd. $1000.00 partial payment to talk to the judge but he lied not rendering services so he has been turned in for keeping my money. I have heard & read it can be done depending on my record. NC lawyer needed
Contact a local DUI attorney or call DMV directly to see what can be done to get a restricted license.
I was visiting Raleigh from NJ and got a DUI, I don't need a license in NJ, I take public transportation, do I need to return
Can I plead guilty by mail or do I have to worry they will come for me in NJ, Im guilty just want it to go away with minimal problems.
You need to return and take care of this. Merely saying "I'm guilty" prevents you from availing yourself of any defense...
I lost my license for a few DUI's & will not be eligible for a hearing for two years in which I was told I would need 3 characte
Witnesses & maybe a lawyer was a good idea . In a nutshell, I may lose my current vehicle due to paying fines. I am currently working on driving privileges but may not be able to keep the vehicle. If I am granted a chance at a license, one has to have ins. to get a license but would not have it w\out a vehicle. One has to have license to purchase a vehicle but can't get it until the DMV grants it. The Interlock has to be placed in the vehicle before they will grant someone a license & how is that going to happen if the vehicle is on a car lot waiting to be purchased? One can't even test drive w\out a license. This is a vicious cycle. It would be easier if one already had a vehicle but it may not be possible. Where in the world does someone start w\ this process? Who or where is the best pl
Yes, it's a problem. Consider borrowing a car to put the IID and get your license with.
Is there any way around having to install an ignition interlock device?
About 1yr 9mths ago, I got arrested for DUI. My BAL was. 07 at the stop but the officer said that I didn't blow hard enough. They performed a sobriety test twice. They took me to the station which was 20 minutes away and did another BAL test. This time it was 0.16. I tried to have my lawyer argue that I wasn't 'actually' driving at 0.16 since it took 20 minutes to drive to the station. I was ordered to install an ignition interlock device in my car for 1yr (this was my 1st traffic/criminal offense with no other aggravating factors apart from the BAL). There's no public transportation where I live and I have to drive a few miles to get a job that pays enough to cover insurance and the Ignition device. Is there any way around this? Any exemptions? (if it helps, I quit drinking altogether
More information is needed. Call a local NC DUI attorney for assistance. There are many good attorneys on Avvo.
After 3 DUI convictions that were all non-alcoholic, I am trying to figure out what a lawyer would be looking for on my driving
Record to determine if I am eligible for driving privileges. A lawyer has offered to help me try to get limited driving privileges since my 3 non-alcoholic DUI convictions neither one had blood work returned. I fell asleep in my car in two of them after being awake a lot of hours in a parking lot & the last one was the same officer pulling me for a cargo light but did a sobriety test which I feel I did well on but he was meeting his quota. Besides DUI's, what would a lawyer be looking for on my driving record or what on the record would disqualify me from privileges? He said he thinks I have a good chance b\c of my levels but still needs to see the record to know for sure. I need to know since he charges right much to help.
That depends on your state's DMV policies and how far they look back at your record. Typically the conviction is...