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I am graduating college this May. How worried should I be about my DWI hurting future employment? I have attained a DWI lawyer.
I was recently arrested for a DWI in New Jersey. I have never been in trouble with the law before. Initially I was pulled for speeding and the cop asked where I was coming from. I told him the truth that I had just left the bar and was driving friends home down the street. He smelled alcohol from the bar and I agreed to take the sobriety test. Felt I passed them all and slipped up on the alphabet test due to nervousness. After. I was under arrest and headed to the station to take the breathalyzer test. He took the reading which was over the limit (1.3). I am a law abiding citizen that made the biggest mistake of my life. One which will never happen again. I thought I was able to drive from only drinking 3 beers in a 3 hour period. Although,the last beer was right before closing.
Answer: It is hard to answer exactly how the pending charges will affect your future employment. Obviously if a job...
My New Jersey driver's license is suspended in Pennsylvania. Can I still drive in New Jersey?
I got 2 DUIs back in 2012 in PA, with a NJ drivers license. My license has been suspended since August 2012 in PA, however my NJ license is still valid and in good standing in NJ. My suspension ends in late October of this year. Am I supposed to report this to NJ? My only other concern is my license expires the end of May, do I need to inform them that is suspended in PA? Or what are the repercussions if I say it is not suspended in any other state?
NO, you don't have to self-report. If PA reports it, NJ will suspend you. Until that happens, you're not suspended and...
I am a recent college graduate. Will I be able to overcome a DWI and be able to work a good job and contribute to society?
I recently received a DWI in New Jersey. I'm not nearly concerned about the financial burden and punishment of the DWI as I am the effect it may have on future employment. I didn't hurt anyone or get into an accident. However, I made a detrimental mistake of trying to drive home after a night at the bar to my house, which is a mile away. Got pulled over for speeding and went through the sobriety test and breath test. Also, I have never been arrested prior to this point. I continuously google about DUIs and worry about it. I feel like an awful person. Furthermore, have attained a a good DUI lawyer to achieve counsel during this rough time.
George W. Bush and Dick Cheney wound up with pretty good jobs. Learn from your mistake and move on. It's a painful...
How many times can the court postpone my dui charge for lack of discovery on behalf of the state
ive gone to court twice with out legal representation to plead guilty to a dui charge.the state has postponed twice for not having the proper paper work to issue my fines and penalties.
You're still in the 1st inning of the game. Yes, you are entitled to a speedy trial for my NJ DWI or NJ Refusal...
When does DUI related suspension end?
I received a 7 month loss of license for a first DUI the end of January. I also got caught driving while being suspended for a first DUI 39:3-40(f)(2). Initially if I didn't get caught the DWS ticket, I was eligible to be restored for the DUI the beginning of September 2016. My question is when the DUI related suspension expires the end of September, what would happen if I got caught driving again while being suspended? Would it only be a "plain vanilla" DWS 39:3-40, or would I be subject to indictment under 2C:40-26?
Don't get caught driving while suspended because you must be smart enough not to drive if your suspended. Even if your...
I have no car for interlock device during suspension period?
I am half way done with my license suspension for a DUI in NJ. I was reading through my paperwork and noticed that not only must I have an interlock device for one year after my license is restored (ok) but also during my suspension period... But I have had no vehicle since my suspension began last year. What do I do? Will this be a violation although next year if I do get a car , have the device installed and approved by the MVC,will they still reinstate my license?
The MVC will want to see proof of interlock installation before they will allow you to get your license back. So it...
What penalty can l expect in the following case?
I just got a dui in jersey. I live in pa. My prior dui was 9 yrs 11 months ago. The other one was 19 yrs ago. Both in pa.
Unfortunately it sounds like it would be a 2nd or 3rd offense for NJ purposes. But more information is needed such as...