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Will I be violated before being convicted of a DUI charge I got while on probation through vasap?
I was placed on probation through vasap in Christiansburg September 2016. The case got taken under advisement and after a year and completeing 100hours of community service and paying my fines my record would stay dry. I think it is called a first offender program. I got a DUI at the end of October and was in jail for 5 days before my grandfather would bond me out. I had an intake appointment November 2nd but I was in jail. Vasap rescheduled the appointment for Dec. 9th automatically without me contacting them. I go to court for the DUI on January 23rd, 2017. I called the vasap office and told a case manager that I got the DUI and she said I could be violated before I was convicted but everyone else I've spoke with said the oppisite. She also wasn't the case manager that would be handing the violation. I'm wondering if it's possible that they violate me before I get convicted of the DUI? Is there a chance that I get violated and a warrant for my arrest goes out and I go to jail until however long?
"Violated" means many things. For many, when a probation tells the court that you may have screwed up your...
: Can Virginia extend liability to establishment if person gets drunk and hits someone with car?
I'm curious.
Virginia does not have dramshop liability. However, I successfully obtained a substantial settlement for a client who...
Is it required to show your license and registration at a checkpoint (non DUI).
The checkpoint was set up in a residential neighborhood across from an old high school. All traffic from both directions was stopped and asked to show license and registration. No crime was committed or law broken, thus they have no right to stop, and thus no requirement to show license/registration?
Checkpoint law is complicated but has generally been upheld as lawful by the US Supreme Court; the police do not need...
Can I get my job back in corrections after being fired from an arrest for drunk in public?
I am a corrections officer and I was arrested and charged with being drunk in public on 4/12/14. I was at a bar, drank too much and drove a few miles before pulling over in a parking lot and "sleeping it off". The deputies were called by a newspaper carrier, and after they woke me up, I was arrested and booked at the jail. After a few hours, I was released with a fine and a court date. I've paid the fine, told my boss about it on Monday, placed on leave with no pay and on Tuesday, April 15th I was fired. I have since appealed it with the Superintendent and waiting to hear the outcome. Have you guys ever heard of someone in my profession in this type of situation getting rehired without outside legal assistance?
You will be more likely to be rehired somewhere if you are acquitted, and so you should get a lawyer to assist you....
My son received a "Baby DUI" in VA 5 years ago but has no other criminal record. Can this be expunged?
He just graduated from VT with a degree in mechanical engineering and has been applying for jobs. We are concerned that his "baby DUI" from 5 years ago will impact his chances of being hired.
If he was convicted, it cannot be expunged. Convictions in Virginia cannot be expunged as a general matter. It may...
I was recently pulled over for suspicion of DWI and charged with DWI-First Offense and Refusal to Consent. How to proceed?
Stop was justified by an "abrupt stop" as I was leaving a pvt. parking lot. Officer justified FST based on alcohol smell and a wrist band from the restaurant I was in that indicated I was 21+. He did not observe slurring or stumbling on my part. Failed FST due to not following instructions. I forgot to mention this to the officer (I did mention at jail), but I have documented ADHD. I refused a breath test on the field, and at the police station I was told that I would only have a suspended license for 7 days for refusing (not one year as I now know). Officer did thank me for being completely cooperative through the process. Another officer even commented to him "are you sure this guy is drunk? He seems fine to me." Every case is different, but any chance to reduce to "reckless"?
You have a few issues that should be explored by you and your attorney. The first issue is the probable cause for the...
How do I ask for a first time offender deferment in court?
I was arrested for underage possession of alcohol at a football game last month, and I have to go to court for it tomorrow. The cost of a lawyer is too high so I'm going to represent myself, and I want to know how I ask for a first time offender deferment.
Do not do it by yourself. Many things can go wrong. You may be able to get a public defender or try your best to...