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I was charged with 4 class 6 felony aggravted dui wats the most likely plea they will give me at my erc court?
i have a conviction for dui already from 2009. this would be my first felony charges ever.
These are serious charges which could lead to 4 months of incarceration and years of probation. I assume you have an...
Ive been charged with 3 aggravated dui 28-1383A3 and 28-1383A4 one time plus 2 misdemeanor
I was pulled over by sheriff who claim i was high on marijuana. I had my 3 kids and my wife in the car. I also had a ignition interlock device installed in my car wen i wwas pulled over. they didnt fill charges tell a year later. ive got a initial appearnce tomorrow how long of jail sentence am i looking at? When will i get a police report? what kind of plea would the prosecuter try to give me at the erc? Thanks
First of all the delay in the charges was likely do to the fact that they were doing a blood test. Once the level came...
What kind of ples agreement will i be lookin at in my erc court?
i was charged with 3 counts of aggravated dui child under 15 and aggravated dui interlock device? i also have a prior dui misdemeanor. im just curious on wat i can be lookin at if offered a plea agreement at my erc?
This is a class six Aggravated DUI and a Class 4 Aggravated DUI. Assuming you have no priors, depending on how the case...
To be charged with a dui drug in arizona did i have to sign my urine sample for them to prove its mine?
I took a urine test for the sheriff but they didnt make me sign the urine sample or any papers stating i took a urine test. can they steel use the urine test results against me in court?
You do not need to sign anything for the police to test your urine. Your consent (urinating in a cup) is all they need....
Had a felony dwi in new York state 15 years ago ,now live in Arizona for last 3 years can I legally own a fire arm(only felony )
making sure it is legal for me to own a gun
You cannot possess a firearm in Arizona until your rights have been restored, specifically your right to possess a...
My husband was extradited on oo state warrant dui 08 form az (live in wi) is in custody had initial hearing what is next?
Dont live there didnt know case was pending since we moved and thought dismissed how long can he sit while this goes on? can he get a plea offer at his court date monday? could he be in for months waiting for sentencing?
There isn't enough information to fully advise you. Was the warrant issued while the case was pending? Was he tried...
How to get into canada if you have a dui
Got duo in Feb. 2013
You need to file a written request with ye original court to set aside or vacate tr original conviction. Many law firms...