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What will judge give me if I want to self revoke?
Owi3,first offence in 9yrs. DA recommended 45 days 2 yrs probation, or 90 days and done. I have special needs son and am a single dad. I took 45 and 2 to get home asap. Been on probation 6 months now and had no issues.
No one can give you a good answer to that question as it will depend upon your judge, where you come out on the court's...
If my age is written incorrectly on a ticket that is age related is the ticket still valid?
I was caught with an underage drinking by police and plead guilty to the crime. But after looking at my case online my date of birth was listed as 3-1984 when my birthday is 3-1994. The date of birth they put would make me over the age of 21. So could I be charged with the underage.
You have already been charged, and found guilty based upon your own admission of guilt in court. A data entry error on...
An recently 2nd owi received probation & had a date to go sit time while on probation but got caught with another owi?
My boyfriend/father to 5m child got his 3rd owi while just received his 2nd in court that gave him the minimum with probation and a date to turn himself in he has a job lined up and would start soon just would really like to know what is goung to happen to him with his situation so i can get a better understanding will he be also be able to keep his job and how much jail time is he looking at?
I suspect he will be held without release pending the revocation of his probation on the second offense. Maximum on an...
Can my daughter be issued an underage drinking ticket because of a pic on facebook and no breath test taken?
ticket was mailed two months later, Was asked about it by principle at high school with no counsel present. Was given a choice to admit to it and get suspended for 1 cross country meet, or deny it and get suspended for 6 meets. ticket was mailed 2 months later
This sounds highly suspect, and the actions of the school administrators here are terrible. On the other hand,...
I'm 16 & was charged with underage drinking while at home in my yard while my parents were home & want to fight it. Any advise?
I want to fight the fine in court because I don't think it's right since WI law says you can drink under 18 at home with a parent. I had friends over who brought their own beer given to them by their own parents. My parents were home but didn't know we had beer outside so when the police showed up we all received fines for underage drinking. My parents sometimes allow me to drink but never while around my friends or when out only at home. Can I still get a fine for this even though my parents didn't supply the beer?
Yes. The applicable statute is Wis. Stat. s. 125.07(4)(b). Wis. Stat. s. 125.07(4) Underage persons; prohibitions;...
I received a dwi in Wisconsin but I am a Michigan resident. Will I be able to get the court proceedings transferred to MI?
Dwi and running stop sign. An accident with my car only was involved.
No, you cannot get the court proceedings transferred. Cases are prosecuted in the jurisdiction where the crime...
What can I do if being charged with a dui when the cops did not catch me driving ?
Drank a few beers at the bar and drove home, someone called the police and said that I was driving wreck less. Police came to my house and arrested me for drunk driving , how can they do that?
All they need to charge you is probable cause to believe you were driving under the influence. If they have a witness...