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How is a North Carolina DWI going to affect me in my home state of Alabama?
This is the second one I got up there due to medication and then wine. Stupid, yes! Alabama never contacted me the first time. Now it happened again and I have no reason to think I will not be convicted. I have small children by myself and am scared to death about losing my driving privilege and license. Can I do anything to mitigate the severity of what's to come? Thank you.
Upon receipt of a conviction for DUI/DWI from an out of state driver license bureau or agency, the state of Alabama...
Will i pass this etg alcohol test?
If i drank 2 shots and 2 small mixed drinks saturday night and had my last drink around 12:30 am and i am being etg alcohol tested today around 6pm (41 hours between last drink and test) will i pass??
Probably not. Both EtG (ethylglucuronide) and EtS (ethylsulfate) testing are known as "bio-marker" testing. Both EtG...
Can my dui blood test be challenged if the hospital states that my blood sample was hemolyzed?
Haven't been charged yet but told that I would be charged after I recovered from my accident. I don't feel that I was drunk but my blood test came back .12 but there are notes in my blood work from the hospital stating that my BAC may have been affected due to hemolysis of the sample taken. Can this be challenged. I had already been treated with pain meds and at the hospital two hours before my blood was taken.
Yes. Blood samples drawn and/or tested at a hospital are suspect for a number of reasons. If charged, you will need an...
What will they do to since I got a dui for marijuana, and I was speeding. Was going 86 on a 65.
They got me with no marijuana just paraphernalia. And spent 18 in jail.
The state will prosecute you. That is what they will do. You will have to go to court for the case, probably a number...
Will a suspension stay on my record if I am not convicted and had the judge sign off on a stay order?
I am not sure what happens to my driving record . The DMV is being vague and only says a suspension will be removed if I have appeal documentation and a stay order.
It's hard to say from the very limited facts you've listed. More facts would be needed to be able to answer this....
How long is an officer supposed to observe you during a DUI stop?
While I was driving on the interstate, I was trying to avoid a large rock. But the officer saw it as a swerve, I tried to explain this when they pulled me over. He told me to get out the car. I did the sobriety tests but I was told my balance was too unsteady. I was given the breathlayzer which I failed as well. I was immediately put in handcuffs. All this happened within 15 minutes.
The swerve, or as you explain the avoiding the obstacle in the road , is most likely the officers probable cause for...
Can an arrest be made just from a preliminary breath test? Or just fail at the other sobriety tests?
I was on highway and I was speeding at 78 mph in a 70 mph zone. They pulled me over. I had been crying and the police saw an empty bottle behind me that fell out my luggage. They told me to get out the car. I had recently injured my leg at work. So, I failed both tests involving my legs (walk and turn and balancing one leg) even though I explained that to the officer. They brought out a breathalyzer. So, I took that and he went to go discuss with another officer who pulled up. They then arrested me.
A DUI arrest is judged by all the circumstances known to the officer on the side of the road. An arrest can be made...