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Can I sue Walgreens for selling me beer and then calling the police to say that I was intoxicated?
I purchased a six pack of beer along with a few other items. When I got to my car the police arrived because the cashier called to say that I was intoxicated. I ended up getting a DUI sitting in my car in the parking lot resulting in the end of my career. If Walgreens suspected that I was intoxicated why did they sell me beer which I understand is against their policy?
You could talk to a personal injury attorney, but I am not seeing a great lawsuit here. There is certainly no...
My daughter lives out of state and has to fly into court has not received one dime child support and he has had 2 Dui's and fail
Drug test 2014 he took another this past Friday and said it did not matter if he fails he is with his parents .these people have never had anything to do with him my daughters attorney said that is just the way it is
So what is your question? Considering that your daughter has an attorney, according to you, perhaps you should ask...
When will my AL license be reinstated?
I am a resident of AL and have a AL driver license. Got in trouble while visiting AZ. AZ dmv suspended my license for an MIP and flase ID for 6 months. AL suspended my license for 60 days for false ID.
You should seek competent local counsel to advise you, but I believe your license will be suspended for 6 months - the...
DUI laws and liability.
I have a question for the state of Alabama given the following scenario: After leaving a bar, you and your friend are both drunk. You allow your drunk friend to drive your car while you ride drunk as a passenger. On the way home, your friend gets pulled over. What liability as the car owner do you face for giving your drunk friend permission for driving drunk. Does the fact that you are drunk too make a difference?
Liability would only be involved if there were an accident or damages involved. You may be asking whether you can be...
Convicted of DUI in SC on 9/23/14. They suspended license for year but AL suspended 3 month for 90 days starting in Nov 2014
Will I be able to drive in AL after 90 day suspension? Why did AL suspension not start on conviction date? When is the soonest or best possible way to get my drivers? Thanks in advance. Matt Miller
DUI laws and suspension times are different in different states. Sounds like you were a first time offender. AL...
What can I do?
I was arrested this weekend for DUI this weekend but wasn't read my rights while being arrested or at the jail. Aren't they supposed to?
The warnings required in Miranda v. Arizona apply ONLY in cases of custodial interrogation. That means that the person...
Can they report it as a DUI "conviction" even though it was never adjudicated?
I am in the military stationed in Germany. I got a DUI 16 months ago by the German police. I was turned over to the MP. The whole matter was handled administratively (GOMOR and RFC evaluation). The military licensing authority (PMO) in Germany reported the incident to Alabama (where my stateside DL is issued) and now it shows up as "Activity - Citation, Conviction Date-XX-XX-2013, Description- DUI Liquors" on my driving record. Additionally, my AL license shows suspended and it is my understanding that I must pay reinstatement fee to get that lifted. There was never a conviction, NJP or other type of hearing. Does this sound right? Can I get the entry removed from my Alabama D/L record?
If you agreed to any proposed deal, that likely is where the conviction arises. Check with your JAG officer to explain...