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  • Charges filed in shooting that killed 2, wounded 1

    Wednesday May 27 | via 

    Authorities in eastern Pennsylvania say charges are being filed in an early morning shooting that left two people dead on a Reading sidewalk and injured a third person. Police in Reading said 26-year-old Nathaniel Spencer Jr. of Birdsboro faces two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder and related charges.


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Does a DUI show up on an employment background check?
I'm wondering if a DUI in PA shows up on a criminal background check? It's been a 1 1/2 since and I've took all the correct steps to get passed it. I was under the impression that it was a traffic violation and not a felony offense but a misdemeanor? I didn't know if I should let them know because if it isn't their concern then there would be no reason to make it...
All crimes show up on a background check. Honesty is the best policy here. Good luck.
What can i do if i admitted to using a controlled substance after alleged failed field sobriety tests with 2yr old daughter pres
1 DUI 8 yrs ago, no alchohol in my system, intake of substance almost 8 hrs prior, no other prior arrests
You could be looking at more than 90 days in jail if convicted so you should immediately retain an experienced DUI...
License suspension and OLL process info...
I may lose my license for up to 30 days so I was wondering what the process is for obtaining an OLL? Also, if I apply and the process is not complete before my license is suspended, will the suspension be postponed until I receive my OLL?
You can't get an OLL. The occupational limited license requires that applicants serve a minimum of 30 days suspension...
The police took my phone and I.D. but i was never charged with a crime, can they take them? or is it theft?
i was underage drinking, but not driving, i was walking to a car to put my hoodie in the car.
Why your property was seized is a mystery. You should be able to get it back. Call the police and request its return.
Did this counselor break the confidentiality law?
I was ordered into a drug and alcohol class by the court. I completed the class successfully, but at discharge the counselor referred me to a drug and alcohol evaluation, which the court enforces . I asked if it was because I blew a .15 in the breathalyzer during my incident, and he said no its because I know you have a history of drugs and alcohol. The history he referenced was from a previous situation in which i sought individual counseling at a place that took my insurance and he was my counselor. These were two completely separate situations and he brought in our past counseling, in which there was a confidentiality agreement signed by both of us. I feel as if this violated the agreement because he used that against me to make a recommendation to the court.
What exactly was the confidentiality agreement he and you signed? Usually, confidentiality agreements require that...
The arresting officer pulled me over for a dui stop. Said it was on dashcam. I subpoena for it now he says there is no dashcam
Blood alcohol.03 he tested me for marijuana for no reason
There is no question here. Nevertheless, if charged with an offense, before doing anything else, you should speak...
I received a DUI in Pennsylvania roughly an hour away from the university I attend roughly a year ago. Will my school find out?
I received it almost a year ago, I have not heard anything from my university. I'm halfway done with completing probation and ARD with no issues at all so far. Will my university somehow find out about this? They haven't contacted me in regards to the arrest so far, and it's almost been an entire academic year.
I do not know. However, it is important to know that completion of ARD is NOT a conviction. You never have to say you...