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Can a person get off on DUI?
A friend of mine gotten into accident. She crashed into a tree, but at that time she was driving drunk and car had no insurance and registration was expired. She was in the hospital, then she got out, but her husband tries to tell me that she wont get the tickets, cause of her injuries, but she is fine and walking around. Can she still get tickets for DUI and more? How can Altoona Police know about this?
She most likely will get several charges and needs an attorney immediately
Do you get drug tested on ARD because of a refusal? In Montgomery county PA
Was wondering if I will be drugged tested while on ARD in Montgomery county PA? I'm just wondering cause I'm deathly scared of needles.
You may talk to someone about that when you get drug tested. Good luck.
Does a DUI show up on an employment background check?
I'm wondering if a DUI in PA shows up on a criminal background check? It's been a 1 1/2 since and I've took all the correct steps to get passed it. I was under the impression that it was a traffic violation and not a felony offense but a misdemeanor? I didn't know if I should let them know because if it isn't their concern then there would be no reason to make it...
All crimes show up on a background check. Honesty is the best policy here. Good luck.
I have a pending dui case, and was stopped again for dui but was not arrested, will it affect my previous charge?
I have a pending dui in pa, .08 bac, first offense, applied for ard, have a court date later this month. I was stopprd last night for dui again, field breath testof.09, but the officer did not arrest me or cite me in any way, said he couldn't let me drive, but wasn't "busting" me,just drove me to a motel right up the street . will this show up on my record at all or affect my pending case?
It shouldn't show up. If the officer knows that you are applying for ARD it's possible he could call the DA's office...
When is a license officially suspended from a DUI in PA?
My fiance received his first dui last August. He did not qualify for ard due to his bac. He was supposed to be sentenced on June 5th. He approached the judge with his attorney, they discussed license suspension, the Asst DA took his license right then. However, once the judge found out he had not completed a drug and alcohol assessment yet (he was not aware of having to do that) the judge continued the case and set a new date for sentencing. Am I correct that he still has a valid license until he is sentenced at his new date? They never gave it back to him, but they won't submit anything to penn dot until he is sentenced from my understanding. So is he able to drive during this time?
According to your question, your fiance has an attorney. With respect, your fiance should discuss all legal questions...
Can I fight my underage?
I was tailgating at a concert and seen someone I knew and they offered me a beer so I took a sip and after the first sip undercover state troopers came up and caught me for holding a can and taking a sip? Is there anything I can do to possibly fight it. This is my first offense and i want to avoid losing my license.
If you were cited then you have been accused of a crime by the government and you have a constitutional right to fight...
What happens if I was wrongly charged for possession and friend want to make it right by confessing at preliminary hearing ?
Okay so, me and two other friends decide to go run some errands while driving, we get pulled over for speeding of course (me in the back seat and the two friends up front. The driver (first friend) starts getting nervous for me in the back seat while I have no idea what's going on ect. ect. cop finds weed in the back seat of the car. Me being in the back is enough for the cops to arrest me. I get wrongfully charged for weed tht wasn't mine. Later that day the driver (first friend) feels guilty knowing its his and he wants to confess at the preliminary court hearing is tht a good idea or would I be better off taken the charge by myself. P.s it was only 2 gs of Marijuana
Your plan has several flaws. Let me suggest instead that you and your parents worry about hiring an experienced...