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Is there a pro bono lawyer for a nurse whose license is suspended and has an administrative hearing?
my license was suspended october 21, 2016 after receiving a dui in september 2014. i refused to sign the monitoring agreement and was deemed "non-compliant" by state attorney's general assist. andrew hudson.
i know of no attorney that would do this pro bono. even though i've done a bunch of these, i've never seen a valid...
Can I have a felony drunk-driving cleared?
This event was over 20 years ago I am not on probation parole or owe any fines. Nor do I drink any longer
If you are talking an expungement, then No, a Dwi/Dui is not an expungable offense.
What happens if my bf is caught driving without a license as his is suspended from previous DUI's?
He wants me to lease a vehicle in my name for him to drive back and forth to work however i am not comfortable with that idea and want to know what could happen to me if he were pulled over/caught driving my vehicle with no license so i can explain to him more thoroughly why i am saying no!
He could be charged with driving while license suspended (DWLS) and you could be charged with allowing an unlicensed...
Can my friend get probation for a dui even though he didnt get arrested he just needed a ride home?
My friend got pulled over and he had been drinkin long before he pulled over but it was still in his system. He was givin a a breathalyzer and he below just undert he legal amount which in MI is .08 and the police officer didnt even give him a ticket he just wanted him to get a ride home the only thing the officer did was take his name down and that was the end of it....or so ge thought about 4 months later of not hearing anything he got a random probation convinction letter and now he is on probation. Can it take time for a charge like this to be sent. Your input is much appreciated. Thank you
You cannot be convicted or simply placed on probation by getting a letter in the mail without having first appeared in...
What are the possibilitys of him going to jail
My soon to be ex husband is being charged with his third dui, his second driving with no license, and with oweing money to the state. This dui is his third in a 4 year period. He got into a really bad accident and broke his jaw from this drunk driving incident. After he was put on depression meds. What are his chances of getting away with it.
It is very likely that he will be going to jail for this. He will need an experienced criminal attorney to help him...
Arenac county jail in Standish, mi------senteneced to 6 months---are there opportunities for early release time---
dui charges--------he has been taking classes there--do you get credit for that
Whether he will be eligible for early release will depend on the local jail policies. Many jails offer what's known as...
Ticketed for public urination in big rapids, MI. What happens now? or what will happen in court?
This happen Friday early in the morning, I think around 3 or 330 am. I was at a local bar and the bathrooms were full and I really had to go. I was very intoxicated at the time as well. I was told the officer found me in the middle of the street urinating. I assume I had my pants down other wise I don't believe I would have got a ticket for it. It also do not say on the ticket what it is for. I was resisting and then I stopped responding. They had to call an ambulance and I was taken to the hospital. My alcohol level was .299. I told them I did not want to go to the hospital. I came to a bit after laying in the bed and proceeded to say let me go I do not want to be here. A friend came to get me and they still would not let me leave. I do not think anyone saw me, only the officer.
Surely your mother potty trained you better than this. I'm not at all surprised that your BAC was reported as .299...