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Will I ever be able to hunt again with a felony dui chatge?
I have recently been charge with felony dui, i was wondering if i was able to hunt again.
If you are convicted of a felony, you will lose your gun rights. It is possible to get your rights back if you stay...
4 DUI.s in Florida in less than a year. Now 4th in Biloxi miss. How much time will I do
4 DUI.s in Florida. In the pass 3 years. Now 4th in Mississippi. How much time I'm looking at.
Between 1 to 3 years if you do not successfully win your case. You should immediately hire an attorney.
Can a judge suspend your time you have already served?
got ten years 5 suspended, i did five years violated probation judge gave me 5 back and suspended 5 again that makes fifteen years, so hes suspendin my five years i already did?
Are you sure the judge didn't just re-impose the five years actual (giving you credit for time previously served) and...
Can I get drug tested for my 16-year-old felony drug charges ?
My 16-year-old is in Baldwin county (Bay Minette Alabama) juvenile detention center she's charged with one felony for Xanax misdemeanor for weed, Felony charge for stealing clothes and beer a misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia and a misdemeanor for alcohol can I get drug tested before they released her and can I held responsible?
You're going to need to talk to someone licensed in Alabama. This case will be decided under Alabama law, and their...
How can I be arrested while walking for a dui and can I sue
I was walking up to my boy car and they had him pulled over all of a sudden another officer pulls up and arrest me for dui while walking
Based on your facts, no. Check your ticket and double-check to make sure it is a DUI and not a public drunk or other...
Is there a statue of limitations on traffic tickets, simple possession / dui's in Mississippi.
A friend received a notice from Mississippi to pay in full on the tickets form 27 yrs ago, or they would issue a warrant. He would like to know if they are any statue of limitations on those tickets? or is it because the state is going broke & this is their way to see who will pay on very old tickets?
Statute of limitations deals with how long the state has to charge you. With speeding tickets you're charged when you...
Is it possible to get parole for a felony DUI?
My friend was just sentenced to 10 years in prison for a DUI involving an injury of another driver. He had also had a prior charge of auto burglary (in which he didn't take anything from the vehicle, but I guess that doesn't matter). He was placed on the Diversions program for the burglary charge, and then a year into the program, he received the DUI charge. With his charges, will he ever be eligible for parole, and if so when? Thank you very much.
Mississippi law differs widely from California law as do the correctional departments in both states. However, parole...