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  • Oregon State guard Kendal Manuel arrested on fourth-...

    Friday Mar 10 | via 

    Oregon State guard Kendal Manuel averaged 7.8 points, 2.4 rebounds and 1.6 assists per game, shooting 38.5 percent from three-point range as a redshirt freshman. Manuel has since been released on bail, which Benton County Jail set at $12,500.


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  • Man pleads guilty to killing 2 who tried to help him...

    Tuesday Mar 7 | via Rocky Mount Telegram 

    A Wyoming man has pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree murder for shooting a couple and wounding their daughter when the family tried to help him along a road on Montana's Crow Indian Reservation FILE - This undated file photo provided by the Park County, Wyo., Sheriff's Office shows Jesus Deniz Mendoza. He was charged with killing Jason and Tana Shane and wounding their daughter after the family stopped to help him on a roadside on MontanaA a a s Crow Reservation in July 2015.


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  • Womens Basketball Championship Opens Wednesday Evening

    Tuesday Feb 28 | via PressReleasePoint 

    The women's basketball postseason officially gets underway in the American Midwest Conference on Wednesday evening, as the 2017 AMC Championship tips-off at four venues - one in each of the four states in which the AMC has a member institution. The Freed-Hardeman University Lady Lions enter the Championship as the top seed, and as the regular season champion, the Lady Lions have already punched their ticket to the NAIA Division I Women's Basketball National Championship in Billings, Montana in mid-March.


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  • Inquest will look into Gillette man's death in Billings

    Tuesday Feb 28 | via The Gillette News-Record 

    The mother of a Gillette man killed in October doesn't blame the police officers in Billings, Montana, for her son's death after a standoff in a hotel lobby. Jan Urioste said Monday that she suspects her son had been using illegal drugs and had stopped taking medications for mental illness.


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  • Inquest scheduled in shooting of man by Montana police

    Monday Feb 27 | via SFGate 

    This undated photo provided by Jan Urioste shows Kyle Killough of Gillette, Wyo. who was killed by a Billings police officer on Oct.27, 2016.


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  • Courts

    Feb 26, 2017 | via The Gillette News-Record 

    QUINTIN H. ROLAND, 52, Billings, Montana, pleaded not guilty to first-degree sexual abuse of a minor at his arraignment in District Court on Feb. 15. He is accused inserting his finger into the vagina of a young girl when he played "the tickle game" with her, according to court documents. His bond was set at $50,000 cash only.


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  • Mother of terminally ill man held farewell parties f...

    Feb 24, 2017 | via Daily Mail 

    Bumping him out of the spotlight! Pregnant Amal Clooney outshines husband George in a sweeping ballgown that displays her growing figure at the Cesar Film Awards White House takes its revenge on the 'fake news' media by BANNING outlets from Sean Spicer's briefing - including Trump's top target CNN Dow Jones Industrial Average is on the brink of history after a TENTH straight day with a record-high closing Trump launches new assault on the 'fake news media' and the 'Clinton News Network' - to raucous reception from pumped-up CPAC audience Chicago sports anchor is suspended from ABC affiliate for anti-Trump rants online where he blasted the President's supporters as 'simpletons' Obama surfaces in Manhattan and is treated like a rock star as hundreds cheer him leaving a meeting the day after he is seen catching up with daughter Malia over dinner How to BEAT the all you can eat buffet: The ... (more)


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  • Thirteen-year-old leads police on pursuit, reaching ...

    Feb 21, 2017 | via KFBB 

    Around 12 a.m., a 13-year-old boy led Montana Highway Patrol and Billings Police on a high-speed pursuit from Billings all the way to an apartment complex in Laurel. Police attempted to pull over a pickup that was weaving in and out of lanes west of the King Ave. interchange in Billings.


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Billings Law

How can I have very old DUI's I expundged in Montana?
I received multiple dui's in the late 1990's and early 2000's. I subsequently went to long term treatment, completed it, completed intensive out patient treatment, and discharged my probation in 2007 without incident. I have an absolutely clean driving and criminal record since 2002. I have gone on to become a nurse and have maintained my sobriety since 2002. I am now wanting to move out of the US as a result of the recent presidential election. Great Britain is where I am wanting to land. I would like some advice as to how to proceed to try and get some or all of these dui's expunged from my Montana record in the interest of obtaining work visas in other countries. l would like some guidance as to if or how I can get some or all of these dui's expundged from my record. Thanks for your time and consideration
Each state has its own rules regarding expungement. I am not familiar with the laws in Montana, but in Florida you can...
Can I obtain restitution for a case that was closed by a plea agreement?
I am a citizen of India, residing in Folsom, CA with my wife. We met with an accident at Yellowstone Park in Montana on 4th of July weekend in 2016, involving a driver under influence, who did not have insurance, and on suspended driver’s license. My pregnant wife got seriously injured in the eye, and was unable to work for a month, and even now her vision is not back to normal. We waited for the trial to be conducted by the State of Montana, but it was closed due to a plea agreement. We were not notified about/ invited for the trial, and the result was issued to us, because I requested it. We had delayed discovery of our rights, and we want to pursue this matter legally and try to get restitution for our expenses, and ensure that the guilty is judged correctly.
In the States, criminal and civil court are different animals. A plea deal in criminal court won't shut off any of...
A felony DUI in Montana and run to Florida can you be extradited
Was driving drunk got pulled over sideswiped a car just barely nobody injured got me on scram bracelet 6 months still have 3 months until Court if I run will they extradite me from Florida back to Montana
No way to know ask them .......................................................
How do I approach a dui under my name, but it wasn't me?
Someone gave my name and received a dui. The police didn't verify the person's identity with an ID, take fingerprints, or a mugshot. What do I do?
Talk to the prosecutor. They may still have the onboard video or the DUI field test in their possession. That should...
What will happen
I paid off my misdemeanor probation of 11/29 time 2 years and now I'm on "unsupervised probation" I moved to back to Montana and about 2 weeks ago I was pulled over and got a DUI 1st offense, driving on a suspended 1st offense, no insurance, no registration, and speeding. The very next morning around 4a.m I went to work 8 hours away until this up coming Thursday and I ended up missing court which they only gave me 10 days to appear. Can I maybe reschedule and hopefully just get away with just fines? Or do you think I will have jail time and possible revocation from Tennessee?
Yes you can maybe reschedule ask them! My guess is jail time but no way to know best to ask your Attorney as none of us...
Stole a sandwich And little bottle of aspirin and they got my friends license plate number will anything come of it
Stole a sandwich and asprin from local grocery store and they got my friends license plate number and the local pd called him and my friend said he hasn't left the house and no one used his car he doesn't know anything. Do you think anything will come of it? What is most likely to happen?
Depends on how busy the police are. If they see your confession here (there is no name attached, but how many stolen...
When i wreaked my vehicle I was not asked to give a breathalyser.
i was driving under the influence of alcohol and wreaked my car, when police and ambulance came I was not asked to do a breathalyser. Can the highway patrolmen come back and charge me if he decides to?
Depends, we would have to look at all the facts collected to be able to answer this question.