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  • Police log for Hanover area Jan. 13

    Jan 13, 2017 | via Evening Sun 

    Police log for Hanover area Jan. 13 Hanover Borough and Penn Township police logs for the past 24 hours. Check out this story on 10:31 a.m. Suspicious circumstances were reported in the 700 block of Eichelberger Street where an unknown person has been ringing the doorbell to a residence during night time hours and then leaving.


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Biglerville Law

DUI and general impairment charges
If you were charged with DUI and general impairment 1st offense and also DUI and general impairment 4th offense and you lost the trial but are appealing, if it went back to trial could you be charged with two different sentences for that? The DUI 1st and 4th offense are from the same offense. Sorry I dont know how to better word this question.
If you're appealing, you presumably have an attorney, or at least should. If so, talk to your attorney about this and...
Can i do anything to get a occupational limited license
I have been suspended I PA for more than 10 years (started for lack of insurance) and snowballed from there. In the midst of that and a couple driving while suspended(non dui) I did get a dui (.09) so I got pulled over 1 more time in 2015 and this time it was a dui suspension. I served all my previous suspensions and the last 2 are for the dui itself (from 2009) and my last charge driving while dui suspended can i do anything to get a oll or probationary license. My life has changed dramatically in the past decade and I'm a completely different person and have been trying to figure anyway to get back on the road before 2019 thanks for any help
Unfortunately it sounds like you are not eligible for either an OLL or PL, presently. The only thing that you might be...
How can you help me...and can you help me
i lost my license in 08 for speeding....since then i have had a DUI (public defender bac was .073) most recently got pulled over taking my son home ater work...i dont drive to be a rebel i drive because i i dont i wont have a job my son wont have a job and parents wouldnt get to drs appointments..i cant afford to go to jail because my family wouldnt survive
I suggest you speak to a local attorney immediately. You most likely have been charged with driving under suspension,...
Can a PSI help prevent you from having to serve the mandatory minimum sentence for a 4th DUI in PA?
My brother is awaiting a PSI for DUI offenses. Can this help lower his jail time?
The probation officer completes a PSI, which is an investigation into the circumstances of the defendant's offense, as...
What is the punishment for misdemeanor to the third degree second offense while driving under Dui suspension
Second offense dui under Dui suspension with the possibility of a habitual offender charge
It depends on your BAC at the time you were stopped. The DUI could have a mandatory minimum of anywhere from 5 to 90...
How can I get citied for DUS when I wasn't driving?????
I was given a citation for driving under suspension. One problem, I wasn't driving. The PA state cop came up behind my parked turned off SUV in a convenience store parking lot. The actual driver was in the stores bathroom. We just bought the truck, and used a tag from another vehicle that wasn't completely transferred yet. 1. Can a state cop run a plate for the fun of it? When I called a police station and asked them to run my tags, they stated they needed a reason. This one ran the plate, came back to the old car, then he asked me for my license, told him right out I didn't have one, next thing I know, he runs me thru the computer, and I get a citation for DUS! in addition, his partner started questioning my 17 year old daughter wo my permission. (she was with. There was 3 of us.) by the time my husband came out, everything was over...
Unfortunately, you are going to have to go to court to sort this out. Make sure the driver is called as a witness. If...
How can adams co. court charge me 8400 dollars for a dui
fine was 1500 but also had to pay prosecution cost?
You answered your own question. While 8400 sounds like a lot you most likely were ordered to pay court costs plus the...