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  • Police charge two men after undercover investigations

    Oct 29, 2015 | via Evening Sun 

    Two men arrested for allegedly sending explicit messages to an undercover detective on Facebook have court dates scheduled over the next two months, according to online court documents. Daniel Lees Jr., of Lehighton, Carbon County, was arrested Oct. 16 for allegedly sending sexually explicit messages to an undercover officer posing as a 13-year-old living in Adams County, according to a news release from the Adams County District Attorney's Office.


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  • Prosecutors: Biglerville 27-year-old solicited 13-ye...

    Oct 21, 2015 | via Chambersburg Public Opinion 

    ADAMS COUNTY >> A 27-year-old Biglerville resident is facing multiple child sex abuse charges after investigators say he sent nude photos to a 13-year-old through Facebook and attempted to meet with the teen for sex. Mason David Powell is charged with three counts of unlawful contact with a minor, and one count each of sexual exploitation of children, sexual abuse of children, criminal use of a communication facility, obscene and other sexual materials, corruption of minors, and criminal solicitation to commit statutory sexual assault, according to a release from the Adams County District Attorney's office.


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Biglerville Law

DUI and general impairment charges
If you were charged with DUI and general impairment 1st offense and also DUI and general impairment 4th offense and you lost the trial but are appealing, if it went back to trial could you be charged with two different sentences for that? The DUI 1st and 4th offense are from the same offense. Sorry I dont know how to better word this question.
If you're appealing, you presumably have an attorney, or at least should. If so, talk to your attorney about this and...
Does an implied consent warning must be read in pa for second dui? , also, are numerous blood draw attempts allowed for bac?,
Pulled over for suspicion of second dui in pa
It seems like you have a couple of questions here. The first concerns implied consent. Implied consent simply means...
Can I legally drive in Pennsylvania during my license sususpension appeal
I lost my licence for a dui charge. 1st. They suspended my license for 18 months with interlock after a year as if it was my 2nd dui. I'm am currently in the suspension appeal process. Can I still drive until this matter is resolved? I called penn dot to check my status and it says appeal.
Generally, the appeal stays the suspension, however there are exceptions for certain offenses. Additionally, after the...
How can adams co. court charge me 8400 dollars for a dui
fine was 1500 but also had to pay prosecution cost?
You answered your own question. While 8400 sounds like a lot you most likely were ordered to pay court costs plus the...
Why is my license suspended for 18 months when I was charged with a ungraded first offense Dui
I recently pled guilty to a first offense dui at the highest rate. The sentencing guidelines for this charge are 72 hours to 6 months and 1 year license suspension. I have a prior dui over 10 years ago so this one was considered my first offense. I received my suspension paperwork from Penn dot saying my license is suspended for 18 months and that I need ignition interlock for 1 year afterwards. Is there something I can do because bye the sentencing guidelines my license should only be suspended for 12 months and no ignition interlock
I am not licensed in Pennsylvania, but in California, where I am licensed, there often are differences in what the DMV...
I refused a blood test and lost my license in pa for a year. can I get a license and drive if I move to another state?
I served 3 months for the dui and a month of the refusal. Is there anyway I get get a limited license or if I move to another state can I drive there?
You could apply for a conditional license for the limited purpose of driving to and from work, school, or doctor...
I have a question regarding losing my license for a year, its a first time dui offense and i find it ridiculous
Prior backround is simple assault possession of a deadly weapon and now dui and simple possession all misdemeanors
You should talk with an attorney who handles DUI cases where this occurred. Unfortunately if you have a prior criminal...