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Should the results of my breath tests been recorded on my citation?
I was arrested for DUI, upon going to the station I blew. The officer never showed me my results. Upon looking at my citations it was not recorded.
The results should be recorded, but that does not mean they have to be on the citation. Look at the officer's report...
What am I looking at on a 2nd Dui with in 5 years my Attorny said Vidio from police officers car did not show me weaving
Officer stated he pulled me over because I was weaving from lane to lane the Vidio show none of that what chances do I have for dismissal or get lesser charge then Dui on 2nh w/in 5 years??
You do need an attorney to represent you on this one. Very important to hire a lawyer.
Should my rights have been read in this DUI arrest?
I was pulled over for "having my lights off". After "failing' a field sobriety test was told to blow. I asked to wait until we got to the station. I was put in handcuffs, and my rights where never read.
Contrary to what you see on TV, Miranda applies to custodial interrogations. If they did not interrogate you, no need...
Should I fight this DUI? Entrapment?
I was at a friends house when her boyfriend came home extremely intoxicated. He collapsed on the floor and was not breathing. The last time I've seen someone collapse was my father when he passed away. This scared me badly. I was breathing into him mouth to mouth when he gasped for air. This happened 4 times before his girlfriend called for an ambul ance. When they arrived josh took off out the back door. After questioning I must have said 50 times I just want to go home. One officer asked where I lived before he could answer me the other said no u aren't getting a ride anywhere. I calmed Lauren down about 20min later I pulled out the driveway and the headlights came on and I got a DUI. I did not blow so I had blood taken. I had practically begged for a ride.
This isn't entrapment. Entrapment is when the police induce you to do something you wouldn't normally do. Here, you...
Can I transfer my case to another state?
I got my first dui in Billings, MT. Ever since then I've lost my job, housing, and pretty much everything. I have a great opportunity back home in NC. Can my case be transfered there so I can have an actual chance at life?
I'm not certain I understand your question fully. A misdemeanor DUI would not prevent you from moving out of state, in...
Should I go to motions hearing or take deal?
Aggregated dui charge day before plea deal deadline the prosecuting attorney released more discovery that he previously said didn't exist. What would judge due at motions hearing finding out he withheld information from my defense this whole time.
You really need to discuss this with the person who already knows all the facts and doesn't have to make assumptions...
If you refuse a Breathalyzer.....
If you refuse a breathalyzer test, when they take you to the hospital to draw blood, do they by law have to hand you the court order paper before your blood is taken?
I am not licensed in Montana, so out of respect for any answer given by an experienced attorney licensed in Montana, I...