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Will I get a dui?
I was in an accident after drinking two beers. I was not suspected of drinking on the scene and no sobriety tests were performed. I was released to hospital where blood and urine tests were taken. Will the police investigate these and will I get a dui?
Maybe. We're lawyers, not psychics. If you do get contacted by law enforcment, exercise your right to remain silent...
Probation for First Offense DUI
I am within 12 days of completing the random testing for alcohol from a DUI probation. I consumed two glasses of wine with dinner and was tested via UA within 16 hours. What will likely be my consequences? I have completed all other aspects of my probation with flying colors including passing all other random tests.
depends on the prosecutor, but you are technically in violation so they can revoke you and give you any possible...
Can I argue my DUI in the situation that I was in
I recently was at a frat party and few drinks at it. I was planning on driving to the dorms (approximately a 3-4 minute drive from the house) and parking my car there so my boyfriend could drive me to my house which is about 20 minutes from the frat house. When I left the frat house I found my passenger tire slashed but I figured I could get it to the dorms with no trouble and get a ride back to it in the morning. I was approximately 20 feet from pulling into the parking lot when I was pulled over for the flat and the fact that my car was hard to control in that situation. I was driving about 10 mph but when pulled over I was told I smelled of alcohol and had to get out of my vehicle to do a sobriety test followed by a breath test. This entire time I was telling the officers what I was trying to do but tp no prevail. I was arrested and have court soon. On my DUI report there is no record of what I blew so as of now I have no idea what it was. I'm just wondering if there's any way I can argue anything in this given situation.
Get local counsel to represent you in order to preserve your driving privileges and your record or more.
First DUI in Montana but charged with felony child endangerment. What is going to happen to me?
Was going 35 mph in a 25 mph zone and pulled over. Was given misdemeanor do and felony child endangerment.
These are serious charges. While no one can tell you what is going to happen to you, the chances are that it will be...
What do I do I took a hair follicle drug test. It came back positive for meth. I have been clean and sober for over 6 years.
I did a preemployment 90 hair follicle drug test. They also did urine and a breathalyzer at 5he first visit. They called me back in and said they didn't get enough hair and needed more. I didn't question it and obliged the request. I did not receive a receipt this time. I received a phone call saying I failed the hair follicle test for meth. I have not used meth. What do I do?
You need to ask them for the results of that test to make sure in fact it was your sample and not one they got mixed up...
How can I be arrested for a dui an hour after I was home?
I was arrested about an hour after I got home. I scraped a car in the parking lot and somebody reported that I left the scene w/o notifying the owner, I did notify the owner after I got home since I know her. The police came to my door and made me go outside, I had two glasses of wine when I got home and I told the officer that. He took me in for a breathalyzer, but did not process me (no fingerprints, mugshots etc) then took me home. I am to appear on Monday. What am I facing?
It sounds like you have a defense on the DUI charge. I highly recommend pleading not guilty, requesting a jury trial,...
What is the next step for my stepson who was cited for a DUI, and pled not guilty, but doesn't qualify for a public defender.
My stepson was sleeping in his vehicle, and was approached by a sheriff deputy. He was ticketed for DUI, had a pot pipe in the truck, so they ticketed him for possession of a drug, and another ticket. He pled not guilty, thinking he could get a public defender, but we make to much money, so he doesn't qualify. He was set to enter the military in September, but with some of these charges, he might not get in. Any help would be appreciated.
Q: What is the next step for my stepson who was cited for a DUI, and pled not guilty, but doesn't qualify for a public...