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  • Brothers charged following stand-off with Aurora police

    Jun 21, 2017 | via The Legal Record 

    Sergio Perez, 25, of the 300 block of Prairie Street; and Lucas Perez, 24, of the 400 block of South Broadway, Aurora A burglary-gone-wrong ended in a five hour police standoff this weekend, and now three people, including two brothers, are in custody facing felony charges. The incident began just before 6 p.m. June 17 when an alert neighbor called 911 to report a suspicious incident occurring in the 300 block of South Western Avenue in Aurora.


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Will I be able to reapply for a FOID?
About a year ago I was charged with DUI and possession of marijuana paraphernalia. The paraphernalia charge was dropped, but I tested positive for THC and so my FOID was revoked. I received court supervision which will be complete July 20th. Kept my nose clean this whole time. Can I reapply after this time? What would I need to do to get my FOID back?
Get your revocation letter in front of you and read the grounds for your revocation. Your explanation either describes...
Failed baiid test (violation), under 21 at the time, what can I expect
It was the day after new years eve and we all had a few drinks that night since it is is new years, I woke up the next morning feeling more then fine, I took a shower at my friends house then proceeded to use mouth wash, and went to start my car since it was cold the next morning, I blew into the device and it flashed saying violation, I l ready got the notice from the sos to explain myself. What should I expect?
You don't tell us whether you're on an MDDP or an RDP. You also don't tell us what your risk level was in your...
Is it possible to have a DUI expunged from criminal record, or are they permanent?
I was very young - 23 I think. I haven't had s DUI since. I would like to have it expunged. Is that possible, or are DUIs ineligible?
The short answer is no, you cannot expunge, nor seal a DUI disposition, even if you received supervision.
Dui and court supervision
Kane county, IL. Yes, I was a complete idiot by getting behind the wheel and accept complete responsibility... Im a first year law student. First offense ever for drinking and driving (no injury/no damage to property). 2 old speeding tickets. No other run ins with traffic violations. I don't think I'm a bad person with having one irresponsible mistake like this. What are my chances of receiving court supervision that could possibly remove a conviction on good behavior after a court imposed time along with conditions. I do understand that the court will have the ultimate discretion after I plead guilty. I have a lawyer I'm meeting within a few days and the incident occurred about 4 days ago.
It's Kane county. I would not even think of handing this as a DIY project! Spend the money on a good traffic and DUI...
New ownner of my old car blew tolles and got it impounded on a dui. what steps do I take next?
Hi, I sold my car in IL and the new owner that lives a couple hours away failed to register it. They blew some tolles and then got arrested and it impounded on a dui. I was not in possestion of the car or the signed title a week or so prior. I now got a letter from the city saying I need to pay the impound or come to a hearing.
You should registered the transfer yourself. The state thinks you still own the vehicle. Your best solution would be...
What happens if I fail my very first drug test for the second chance deferred prosecution program?
I am afraid I am going to fail my first test due to the fact I may not have stopped smoking pot in time.
You could be terminated from the program. Your attorney can make arguments to keep you in the program if your worries...
I got a DUI, it was for prescription medications. Do I have any chance of getting it thrown out if I have a valid prescription?
I am on valid prescriptions for pain and anxiety, have been for over 10 years will valid prescription change anything. I'm not sure what happened that night somehow I drove into a light post,I called the cops and agreed to do blood test. Am I able to get those results myself or do I need an attorney to do so? Second, do results show "positive" or "negative" or are their actual levels? I do not have lots of money for an attorney at this time. I am a single mom, on disability from work. I can't afford to have my license suspended for 6 months. In outpatient treatment, psychiatrist monthly, &weekly therapy appointments, then back to work eventually. Will it look better if I do NA meetings, get treatment? Do the offer restricted driving permits? Do I need to hire a lawyer for best outcome, or will a public defender be able to help with my case? Any advice I get from attorneys on this website will be greatly appreciated. If you do offer a free consult please leave me your information so we can set up a consult, if not free than what the cost would be for that consult. This accident occurred in Kane County, and I live in Kane county and have court October 19. Thank you in advance.
Initially you need to know that having a valid prescription for your medications is not a defense to DUI - if you were...