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How long does it take to convict a dui driver who caused the death of their passenger in a dui accident?
Going on 3 months and a suspect is walking free out on bail. How is that possible? No court appearances. Is that normal?
Three months is nothing especially for a case that serious--could take well over a year to see trial, but why is this...
Dui case?
I have a friend who has 5 dui's 2 she never appeared on, recently her and her boyfriend got into a confrontation and he told the cop she had warrents. Now she's facing state prison time, she's out on bail currently. She needs a lawyer not a public defender any feed back is helpful. Thank you
Best bet would be to try to argue for a rehab. Definitely not a sure thing but still possible. If they won't go for a...
DUI question?
How will I know if the DA files charges against me for a dui? I was in a small accident 9 months ago and was sent straight to the hospital. I never got any paperwork at the hospital from the police department and as far as I can tell they did not respond. My hospital records indicted I did have some alcohol in my system, but does not say that any officers arrived for a blood draw or tests. Thanks
One way would be to contact the courthouse to see if there is an open case against you. You can also hire an attorney...
First DUI 2011, try to fix it in 2017, failed to pay fines, and program, do I face time for violating my informal probation?
I want to get it over with but have a baby due in January, and worried if I face time I won't b out for the birth of my baby
You need to get a local attorney to see if there is warrant and get it recalled. Then to appear and ask for you to be...
What does this mean 'people of the state vs me???
I received mail stating 'People of the State of California VS. Me'. Notice of correction and proof of service(vehicle code 405005). citation #dj54985. case #201702542. And the ticket it came with under signature says complaint to be filled. dated 8/12/17 (day of my accident and never given to me). I spent a week in ICU and hospital. on ticket it sates; checked no, code sect. 23152 (a)vc-DUI - alcohol misdemeanor. and checked no, code sect.23152 (b)vc- BAC OVER .08% misdemeanor. I do not remember the crash and i woke up in ICU, I was passed out. I was not made aware of any ticket or court date prior to receiving this in mail a couple week ago from today.. I did test positive for hard subsistence and alcohol while in ICU ONLY. I don't know of this is something that will be put against me or something else or what?? any help on the matter please??
It means you are being charged with a criminal misdemeanor for driving under the influence. You should consult with a...
How do I find out my BAC for upcoming court date?
A few months back I was in a car crash, I slammed into the back end of a semi. I woke up in ICU and spent a week in the hospital. I was drinking that night along with other stuff. While in ICU the trauma surgeon who operated on me informed me that he drew blood and he did see that I was drinking along with other stuff. They said the officer only came back and wants to see how I was doing but that was it, the officer did not come back I was not in handcuffs. I was the only one involved in the crash no one else got hurt I was the only one injured. A few weeks later I received mail saying that my license will be suspended come November. A week or two after that I received more mail saying that after review my case was 'put aside' and I can keep my license. The week or so after that I received another email saying that my court date was moved from October that I didn't know about to December. I don't know what my BAC level was or anything regarding the upcoming court date. Any help on this please.
In regards to your DMV License issues, if they "set it aside," it means that your blood alcohol level was below a .08....
How much jail time will I get from getting my second dui only a year apart from my first dui?
I got a dui 1 year ago and am on a 3 year probation and am currently finishing my alcohol program. I just got my second dui and am curious if I will have to serve jail time or if I do for how long? My bac was high I think he didn’t show me
Impossible to say for sure, but in San Bernardino county I'm *GUESSING* 30 days minimum since you're also in violation...