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I was not mirandized when I was arrested for a dui
I'm a minor & I had to do roadside Olympics then submit to a breathalyzer. I failed the olympics & blew .08. I was then handcuffed and placed in his car. Why was I not mirandized? Don't police officers have to follow procedure? Can my case be pleaded down and/or possibly thrown out?
You only need to be mirandized if they ask you questions. You should talk to a local DUI attorney asap to determine if...
Whatdo I need to expect, I have been charged with DUI and misdemeanor child endangerment?
I have no prior endangerment charges. I was driving drunk with my son in the car, I just want to know how to get my son back.
These are very serious charges, hire a local criminal and family attorney immediately.
What will happen to me at court I am on 301 probation and I got caught with a bottle of my friends pee got a ticket
First UA had pee on me probation officer found it and they called the cops I got a ticket at the probation buliding now I have court what should I do
If the attorneys on Avvo fail to answer your questions, please feel free to call a local DUI lawyer for a free consultation.
I got a DUI it's my 3rd on in 10 years I have several pryor's one fell off record 1 year ago can the prosecutor make it a felon?
Drove friend to convenient store, pulled over for head light out, Blew 0.144% in vehicol with no interlock device. Should I go to treatment program before court date, Will it help me or will they try to make it a felony? Casper, Wy
If it is too far back no. But they will not be offering favorable pleas. Contact an attorney in your area. Sounds...
Will my possession charge be dropped?
I was recently a passenger in a car that was pulled over because the driver was speeding. They had smoked in he car the night before and didn’t spell like anything, but the HP said it smelled like marijuana in the car. He then searched the car and found a pen containing thc oil and a stash jar in the back that was empty but had residue in it. None of it was mine but I was issued a possession charge. When we go to court the driver is going to tell the court it was all theirs. Will I still get a possession charge? Or will it be dropped?
These are questions that you need to be asking your attorney. If you do not have an attor ney, start looking tomorrow...
If I am on unsupervised probation for a dui and I am not allowed to be at a bar or to drink alcohol ?
I was seen at a bar but wasn't talked to or charged can I get into trouble? Also I was talked to by a cop but he didn't charge me can I still get into trouble?
The police officer would not likely issue a ticket at the time because, unless you are under age, being in a bar is not...
Can I get a suspended imposition on a fourth Dui in wyoming?
Am facing felony charge. Can I get a suspended imposition
You need to consult with and hire a criminal defense attorney. This is a serious charge with serious repercussions....