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How long to I have to wait until may case is presented to the D.A., then to the court?
I received a D.U.I. on May 6 and as of July 19th it still hasn't made it to the court of the District Attorneys office. I appeared for my court appearance on July 10th and was told they haven't received the case yet. Meanwhile my driving rights ended on June 6th.
Your question was posted under the wrong category. To further assist you, I am reclassifying it to the DUI category,...
I was charged with d.u.i. cauising bodily injury with a .07%BAC. Now theyre trying to throw the book at me.
Now facing a fenoly charge.need help
AVVO is a great place to find attorneys in your area. Make some calls.
Can I get this DUI dropped or transferred to where I live?
I was on a road trip from Santa Maria, CA to Portland and i was pulled over in Lassen county, CA. He said I was speeding but never told me my speed. He smelled alcohol and I told him I had drank that morning to get over my hangover from drinking so much the night before. And my two passengers had been drinking all day. He gave me a field sobriety test and then asked if I was willing to blow. I said yes and he made me blow a total of four times. (.11 .10 and .09) were the three numbers I saw. I didn't see the first one. After realizing they were all different I asked for a blood test at the hospital. It was probably an hour after my last breathalyzer when we finally got to the hospital. Will they use my blood results or breathalyzer? And if it does stick could I get it transfered closer to me. Susanville is about an 8 hour drive and I wont have a license.
You cannot have the case itself transferred, but if you retain a private attorney who practices in Lassen County, that...
CA DMV suspended husband's license for DUI from 8 years ago, in another state, on another state's license!
My husband got a DUI in Maine in 2006 on a Maine driver's license. He paid his fines and did everything he needed to do to clear it up. Since then, he has had licenses in California, Oregon and Arizona with no problem. Last week, he changed his license from Arizona to California and is in training with a trucking company to get his class A license. CA DMV gave him a CA license, then sent him a letter saying it is suspended! They said to clear up the suspension, he has to prove that he had a ME license in 2006 when he got the DUI and PAY $55 to reinstate. This whole situation could cause him to lose the trucking job he is training for!
Have him call mandatory actions unit in Sacramento at 916-657-7790. They will get into the specifics with him and give...
My fiancé was sentenced for 3rd DUI, & alternative sentencing was not given as promised. Is there any recourse we can take
He is a professional, has a job, supports his family, has been very committed to his sobriety, has been working AA & is also been in counseling. He has been sober for over 6 months, he no longer drives & is not a threat to society. He is an alcoholic that knows he has made some horrible mistakes & is committed to his sobriety
What do you mean "as promised"? If he didn't get the plea deal he agreed to, his lawyer should be back in court to fix...
Can i be charged with a dui for wrecking a quad on privite property with a bac of 0.06
I was riding a quad on privite property when i wrecked went to hospitol had a bac done at request of chp bac was only 0.06 now they trying to charge me
The DA can charge you with anything they want. It would take a complete review of all of the evidence to tell whether...
I was charged with a Drunk and Disorderly Conduct charge in Lassen county in California what can I expect?
I have two prior convictions of a class a misdemeanor in Oregon and a class c misdemeanor in Oregon. I have been a model citizen and am not on probation. I also work two jobs will that help in sentencing?
You do not say what the priors are for that will make a big difference. I would recommend hiring an attorney. Robert...