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What happens when you get a low level DUI in WV but live in Ohio with an Ohio drivers license?
I know someone that got a DUI in WV but lives in Ohio. The appointed lawyer hasn't contacted him yet and it goes to court in 2 weeks. He signed up for the interlock program in WV but it hasn't been installed yet, but it was approved. Is his license affected in Ohio and does he have to get some kind of restriction on it before getting the interlock installed? We don't know what a person is supposed to do and can't seem to get the answers.
Your friend will need to contact an attorney in Ohio. West Virginia and Ohio are members of the "Interstate Compact."...
How do I get my license back from an out of state DUI while in another state working?
I was arrested Feb 4 in Wood County, WV for a first offense Aggr. DUI. I am licensed in Oklahoma but currently living in Ohio for work. I hired an attorney that told me he would help with both criminal and administrative hearing. He did not follow through. I was dropped to a Non Aggr. DUI in WV but the WVDMV did not send my information to my new address in OH as requested and after my suspension notice never arrived my lawyer suggested I had slipped through the cracks and not to worry. In August I was pulled over for failure to signal and found my license was suspended in OK - Is there an easy way to get all of my penalties under one state WV requires interlock - OK requires 180 day suspension - both require a DUI class and fines and in neither state I had a Admin hearing. Please Help!?
You will need to complete all the terms of your reinstatement. Through DMV you generally have to complete the...
My boyfriend got a dui and is on probation. If I am drinking or have alcohol that he is not consuming, is that a violation?
I had an alcoholic beverage in a cup but no cans etc in the house. Is his probation now mine too?
No. It's not like living in a house with guns while being under a weapons disability. As long as he doesn't consume...
WV resident with a Marietta, OH DUI. Paid fines, fees, sent proof of insurance and did classes.
Still haven't gotten my clearance. Still on the NDR. They (OH) posted my payment, but not proof of insurance. Why?
That's hard to say without seeing the whole case. It could just be paperwork and bureaucracy. How long have you been...
I got OVI 7/16 in Ohio. I have WV drivers license. By checking online with WV DMV website, my license is active.
How long until it catches up with me?
That's difficult to say. It's all a matter of how long the various bureaucracies take to do their paperwork. It could...
How long can arizona dmv keep your license suspended?
I got a DUI in 2009 in Arizona. I am now in Ohio , I checked on getting my license back in 2010-2011 and was told I had to get a breathalyzer. I had a breathalyzer for a bread time until I was no longer able to afford it after having my stage 3 cancer removed. I now want to drive again and don't know where to start.
You should hire a lawyer to look into this, and what needs to be done to lift the suspension. No one on this website...
How long will a warrant stay active in Ohio
for a DUI
Forever, unless you clear it up or get arrested. @BangerterLaw