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Is a restaurant liable for a server's DUI if they held a wine tasting?
I was working my shift in February 2015. The manager held a wine tasting after work. I said no, I was driving. There was pressure to taste the wine. I did. He poured most of it. After we finished, I drove around the corner from work and got arrested for a DUI. Is the restaurant accountable? Can I sue?
No, you cannot sue the restaurant for making you drive drunk. It was your decision to get in the car and drive home...
I need help resolving a CA DMV error regarding a DUI I got in AZ with an AZ license.
The CA DMV thinks I got this DUI while I had a CA license, even though I have shown supervisors at the DMV in CA numerous times paperwork that directly disputes that. These supervisors acknowledge the error, but tell me that the Mandatory Actions Unit in Sacramento has to update their files, which can only be done by having someone from the AZ DMV fax over verification of my having been an AZ licensed driver at the time. The AZ DMV won't fax over that paperwork unless requested by someone in the CA DMV office. I've been to the DMV 3 times in the last 8 days, and on the phone countless hours, still no one can help me. Is this common, and is there an answer?
dealing with mandatory actions can be a bear don't you think it's about time you hired an attorney off the list the DMV...
Help! I need an attorney ASAP who can help with probation termination
I was sentenced to formal probation for 3 years and have completed all the terms of my probation and didn't have any jail time. I'm done with everything! I just don't want to be on probation and pay thousands of dollars for senseless "supervision" when I dont even meet with anyone. I'm looking to hire a lawyer who can help terminate my probation or at least modify the cost of my probation. I work and I'm a full time student so I don't want to waste money on probation. Leave your number if you're available and I will get a hold of you. Thanks! Nathan PS: any lawyer in any area in la or Orange County or anywhere is fine, I will drive to you
Nathan, Feel free to contact my office directly at 949-660-1389. There are a number of factors that go into early...
Scared i will go to jail for my 2nd dui, blew a .16%
my first dui was in 2011 and had a wet and wreckless dui blew a .07% , had probation for only 9 month's, finished community service and most of my classes. i just need to pay a fine for my first one and finish 3 more classes. if i do found guilty how many days can i get in jail for violating my probation? my court date is in a month and im scared.. will i be taken into custody right away? or will they give me time thank you
On a 2nd DUI there is a mandatory minimum of 4 days. Depending on how much time you did when you were arrested, there...
Prior 5 years ago
Prior 5 years old not on probation .06 bac DMV allredy granted stay of suspension now I got court case left if I'm offerd a wet or dry wreckless and I accept will dat trigger a suspension from DMV or court cause of prior?????? My prior dui had a high bac above .08 so I pleaded guilty and. Got all the usual punishment that comes with a dui. This ones only A .06
If I were handling your case and in fact you were a .06 I really wouldn't take anything less than a dry. If you got a...
I blew a .09 BAC. What are my chances of getting the DUI reduced to wet wreckless.
Was pulled over for not making a complete stop before turning right at a red light. I was arrested for DUI. I took the FST, and was confident that I had passed, but I did not see the police report.
With the righ representation, your chances are good. But why settle for a wet reckless. A lot of times police make...
What happens if you have a dui and later on get a ticket for an open can of beer
i was at the beach and was ticketed for having a beer open. the cops said they could of taken me to jail. because i had a bench warrant for missing a court date. but i have showed up to the judge to take care of that situation so the judge gave me a second chance. now i have a ticket for an open container. will it conflict me with my dui? the cops said it wont. but since i have a dui i am kinda scared and have a feeling it does.
Technically, you could get a probation violation for the open container ticket, but in actuality, probation is rarely...