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If I get a DUI driving my friends car will he get a DUI also
If I get a DUI driving my friend car and he was a drunk passenger does he also get a DUI
Operation of a car is an element of the crime. In other words, the driver is charged regardless of who owns the car.
I was denied unemployment in nc because i got dwi can i appeal and win?
I was terminated because i got dwi off the job and after work hours. They said because my position required cdl's and they didnt have a non driving position to put me in that they had to terminate me. I have never applied for unemployment before and i have worked doing this type of job for 21 years straight. Help!
One of the problems you face is that there is a time limitation on filing such appeals, so I urge you to look into this...
I got 2 DWI 5.5 yrs ago and my license was suspended 4 years which is now over. If I move to OH or IN can I get a new license.
My most recent conviction was 4-1/2 years ago. Or must I get an interlock device? I can't afford that device.
If you are relocating to another state and getting a license there then it will be up to that state whether you need...
My husband just got arrested for DWI and now he has an immigration hold
I'm located in a rural area of North carolina my husband has got an immigration hold this is is SECOND dwi, and he has a few traffic tickets. We got an immigration lawyer and i just paid tons of money for a emotional federal immigration bond hearing? on Monday. We are legally married, he's illegal came illegally, 4 or 5 years ago. im 7.5 months pregnant with our first child, and he's the only one working. What are the chances with a lawyer with him getting out of this? would the 48 hour rule apply in this case of federal bonds? i didn't get much info from my lawyer but they seem hopeful. HE's still in a local jail, but i don't know if they are being helpful just because i forked over half of our savings on this in my desperation to get him out of jail or they he's got a chance.
Assuming that you are a US citizen, have you sponsored your husband for a green card? More facts are needed to answer...
What are a persons rights at dui checkpoints
I have always been curious about an individuals rights at dui checkpoints... I've read before that when stopped by an officer that you don't even have to roll your window down as long as you place your I'd and registration in a bag out the top of it. And then I recently just watched this video: time_continue=319&v=tLnhSl1ajyc ..... so what are citizens rights at dui checkpoints? What are we required to do and cooperate with? And also does this guy in the video have any recourse for the dog scratching his car? And do we really have any rights at all when they can simply exagerate a dogs reaction and say that he hit on the car?
You have a lot of questions but the easiest answer is that you simply have the right to refuse all field sobriety tests....
Help with dui
I have another dui Jan 30 2016. My last was may 7 2008. I blew a .15 both times. Nobody was in my car and didn't wreck or anything. I posted earlier but I wanted to clarify. My driving record has 1 speeding ticket. Unsafe movement 2 seat belts and 4 inspection violations. No tickets since 08. I'm 35. Same full time job 10 years. 6 kids. I don't know what the outcome will be. Any help would be grateful.
Rather than attempting to clarify and spelling out your driving history, please consult with an attorney. That is far...
Can I drive in NC without an IID with out of state license after DWI suspension is over and all other requirements completed?
In 2008, I received a DWI in NC while licensed in and a resident of NC. I entered a plea in court and successfully completed my community service, substance abuse course, and paid all fines (including reinstatement fee at the end of the one year revocation). Because of my BAC I was ordered to use an ignition interlock device but I never applied for a limited privilege or had one installed while in NC. Throughout the course of this my work took me to Washington, D.C. where I still reside and am fully licensed. My question is this: - Given I have a non-restricted DC license and I completed all but the IID in NC, am I allowed to drive in NC without an IID? - Is there anything I can or should do about the IID requirement given I've been out of state for many years? My current status with NC DMV is "eligible for reinstatement." I called the DMV to speak to them about the IID but they only answer I received was "If you apply for a NC license you have to have the IID for one year" and there is no longer a "hold" on my record but no other guidance. Thank you in advance for your answer and time.
DC should not have issued your license while you were still under suspension in NC...... You will have to have the...