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Can I have a felony drunk-driving cleared?
This event was over 20 years ago I am not on probation parole or owe any fines. Nor do I drink any longer
If you are talking an expungement, then No, a Dwi/Dui is not an expungable offense.
Can you still get charged with DUI if accident report says no alcohol?
If someone got into car accident 10 days ago resulting in injuries to both parties, got taken via EMS to hospital. Hospital shows BAC level .08 for driver who is a minor, driver got ticket for careless driving and police report says no alcohol or drugs suspected on police report. Police never interviewed driver or his passenger, can driver still get charged with DUI?
Absolutely yes! Someone needs representation NOW and must stop talking to anyone or posting anything without counsel....
Can you get probation on a drunk & disorderly charge?
Gettin charged with a domestic violence, no proof r evidence, said that I could take lesser charge of drunk & disorderly with 6 months probation. Just didnt think there was probation with that?
Hi, thanks for your question. Who was it that said the "lesser charge" is open to you? Your attorney or the prosecutor?...
Can they run a drug test if I only have an etg test?
Greetings all, please don't worry. This question is for knowledge's sake only. My question is would they run a drug test even if only an etg test is scheduled for today? How will they notify me that a drug test is scheduled for the person if the sentence is only for etg. I'm just worried for a friend who smoked marijuana 2 days ago and has an etg test today. (Yes, I do know people on probation should not indulge) Here's his case: he was scheduled for a first drug test, given the color for it and a number for etg. He passed the drug test, they said only hear for the number (etg) and no color and so he is only tested for etg now. Can they run a drug test on him? How will he be notified? Will they notify him before?
The court only requires repeat drug tests when the first test contains some positive result or when drugs part of the...
What will most likely happen after a DUI while on probation for non DUI misdemeanor
Got into a accident that was not my fault no one hurt but blew 1.7. I have the arraignment tomorrow which I plan to plead not guilty and get a lawyer (should I go with a appointed?) I have been on probation for over a year for theft over 1000. What is most likely going to happen?
The high BAC drunk driving will treat you as though the first offense does not exist except for purposes of creating a...
Field Sobriety Tests in Michigan
I am not in trouble for drinking and driving. This was an information question only. Are you required to submit to field sobriety tests in Michigan ? Is there a penalty for refusing? I was always told to never answer questions without a lawyer present and I personally consider a Field Sobriety Test the same as answering questions but I dont want to get myself in trouble if it ever happens and I refuse. Thanks for taking the time to respond.
Once you are arrested, the officer should tell you that if you choose to take a test, then you also have the right to...
Failed Interlock Ignition Test
I was recently granted a restricted license in the state of Michigan due to having 2 prior DUI convictions. The other day I was running late for work and had embarrassingly ran out of tooth paste. I mistakenly used some mouthwash and immediately tried to start my car. I failed the start-up test and was running late so I simply dispatched an Uber. Later on that day on my lunch break I went an took a ETG Dip card test which was negative for alcohol (I haven't consumed alcohol in over 2 years). I have to take my car in because of the violation and they are going to report it to the state of Michigan. Is there any chance for me to retain my restricted license with these circumstances?
You should go back to the attorney who assisted you in getting this far. That attorney will know your full background....