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    Friday Apr 21 | via Camden Chronicle Independent 

    The Kershaw County Sheriff's Office arrested a Bethune man Wednesday for attempted murder in connection with an incident that took place April 15. According to a KCSO press release, deputies arrested Larry George Dunham, 35, of Dinkins Circle, Bethune and charged him with attempted murder and possession of a firearm during a violent crime. KCSO officials said in the press release that Dunham was on probation at the time of his arrest.


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    Mar 24, 2017 | via Camden Chronicle Independent 

    Two men arrested in June 2015 for the armed robbery of the Sandhills Bank branch in Bethune pleaded guilty Tuesday in federal court. According to a press release from U.S. Attorney Beth Drake, Yancey Kevon Wilson and Randy Jones Jr., both 23, pleaded guilty to a variety of charges stemming from the robbery.


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In South Carolina was arrested for dui, it was around 230am during the breath test at the wanted to call a lawyer
I was arrested for dui, when I was at the jail I waiting to for my 20 min to be up to blow or not, wanted to call my lawyer for advice, but the cop said noo cause there no phone in there and he couldn't leave to get one. Aren't I entitled to one
You do not need an attorney present to take a breathalyzer, but if one refuses your license is suspended for 6 months....
Felony DUI "Great Bodily Injury" License Suspension Issue (South Carolina)
I was convicted of Felony DUI (Great Bodily Injury) on Sept. 17, 2009. I was sentenced to 30 days house arrest and 5 years of Probation suspended on 15 years imprisonment. My probation end date is Sept. 17, 2014 and have no issues regarding probation. My main concern is my Drivers License. Per South Carolina statute a persons Drivers License can only be suspended for the time of imprisonment plus 3 years. Also in this statue it says ; " This period of incarceration shall not include any portion of a suspended sentence such as probation, parole, supervised furlough, or community supervision." I've been to the DMV and they have told me my license is suspended until 2027 and only a court order can change that. How is this possible and what are my options pursuant to South Carolina Law?
It seems as if the DMV considers the suspended sentence as controlling on them. I think you should get a local...
If a passenger in a parked car receives an open container ticket in SC does this go on their driving record or insurance ?
The driver did not receive a ticket but the passenger was issued a ticket for an open container with a court date, will this go on their driver's record, license, or insurance ?
The answer is that it depends. The statute makes no distinction between drivers and passengers. It does, however,...
DUI in SC with out of state license
If you received a DUI in SC but have an out of state license, how do you go about getting your TARL once the license hearing has been requested and scheduled? Does the application have to be mailed to Columbia? What form do I send?
If your license is out of state, you meed to check with your other state DMV.
If i got charged with a DUI will I get tested for marijuana
I have a court date coming up next week and I recently smoked I need to know if I'm okay or not
Probably not, but I suggest you hire a criminal defense attorney, if you do not already have one, who handles DUI cases....
What do I do if I was arrested for dui, and I wasn't driving?
Friends of ours came in the club and told me she was wrecked in a ditch!! So I come out and see her car in the ditch with the lights on! I run to her and she's drunk behind the wheel. So I put her in "the car I was in" and a friend of ours dropped her off. Ok, the police pulls up and see me trying to get the car out the ditch, I told them what happened and they said ok. Literally ok!! We were waiting on a tow truck that the officers called for, a state trooper pulls up asking the officers questions then he came to me. So I asked him politely why are you asking me for my ID? That's when he said he wants to do the drinking test, on me.. I refused, cause yes I was drinking, I was at the club, but I was not driving at all!! He locked me up, I still had to help her get the car out the pound, and they took and suspended my license!! I had a lawyer and he pushed my court date back, but he didnt want to work with me because I lost my job at the time for not having a ready reliable ride everyday, so I've been waiting for my court date and it hasn't came yet.. it happened on May 22 2016 and I went to the DMV and they said that my license is suspended with a $100 reinstatement fee!! Adsap t
You would be well advised to obtain a criminal defense attorney, prior to the trial date. Hopefully the woman whom you...
What are my chances of getting a DUI reduced?
Pulled over at 130 am. I didn't do very well on the field sobriety tests. I did refuse the breathalyzer. I cooperated with the officer. What are my chances of having this reduced to reckless driving or dismissed?
Honestly? Low to none. The test was videotaped, most likely. That with the officer saying you appeared drunk is all it...