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How do i get a 1650 wavier package
7 years ago I got a DUI in California. i was visting from canada. I now am trying to move to the USA Pa. and I can not get a Penn license because of the DUI 7 years ago. I was told to get a 1650 package
The 1650 waiver packet is for lifting California DMV holds related to the failure to complete a DMV-approved alcohol...
How do I answer a question on an application
I had 2 DUI's 7 years ago. the court put it as two first offenses. I also was arrested for possession and paraphernalia 10 years ago. I don't know what to write on my application for a job.
You were convicted of misdemeanors so if the application asks that you have to say yes.
Will a DUI affect his immigration status
My husband who I have been married to for 6 months got pulled over and unfortunately for him he was drunk, had open alcohol and also had no license. He has a court date coming up in NJ where he was pulled over but he resides in PA. In PA however he was cited for harassment and has fines to pay. Is this on record when a judge deliberates his DUI case. Does he need a DUI and immig lawyer or just one? Is he likely to be deported?
Your best bet is to talk with an immigration attorney who will go over possible implications of your husbands DUI in NJ.
This is for the state of PA D-Misdemeanor no extradition mean when being charged
Charges are incorrect they are stating driving under a suspended license and false report falsely incriminating another the second one I am not sure where they came up with
What you've written is unclear. Please re-write your question and submit again.
Can the lose of speen shortly after drinking effect my Bac
I was in a motorcycle accident . I do not make it a habit to drink and drive and if I am drinking its a drink per hour. Trama sergury whiped out in tire memory of accident an an hour an a half prior. All evidence shows I was ran off the road in a part of the road that I would expect.
The loss of your spleen will not affect your blood alcohol level. Also you should know that having one drink an hour...
I need help
I am on probation in North hampton county pa.. Just got out of jail in march.. I got in trouble and am being charged with fleeing and eluding, careless driving, driving on suspended license.. I need help i dont want to go back to jail..
You sure do. Call a lawyer in your area and good luck.
Should I fight the charge in court or accept the ARD program?
Hello, My name is Jonathan. Im a CDL driver. I was recently pulled over in another persons vehicle for no reason. Supposably for a cigarette butt thrown out the window. I don't smoke. I had a 2 drinks a couple hours before getting in the vehicle and felt okay to drive. But I got pulled over for false accusations told the officer I had 2 drinks when he asked he gave me the breathalyzer I passed. He said he smelled marajuana in the vehicle so he had to search it. He looked in the glove compartment in a little black box and found a controlled substance. It wasn't my vehicle it was my sister's car. She was in the back seat at the time along with her friends. She said it wasn't hers when she was questioned and I was charged with it because I was the driver of the vehicle at the time cause nobody knew where it came from. The cop told me I couldn't fight it in court cause all he had to say was there was drugs in the car and I was driving it and then he introduce me to the ARD program. Now my question is should I fight it. do I even have a chance in court or should I settle for ARD. Cause I really don't want my license to get suspended. It my livelihood :(
I suggest that you fight the charges. Your CDL license will not be suspended, but "disqualified" for one year, even...