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Does it matter if I have a $1000 attorney or a $2500 one for a first time dui. BAC .11
I have been talking to a few attorneys. The general consensus is that I will get a pbj. In this case is a more expensive attorney ($2500) better than one who charges $1000. The more expensive attorney is probably more familiar with the county I got the dui in (Montgomery county, Maryland) Does this matter ? If I am still going to get a PBJ what can a more expensive attorney who is likely to be more familiar with my county do that is better then going with a less expensive attorney who has done cases in my county but he is from a different county (Carol county, Maryland).
No one can tell you whether the $2,500.00 attorney is better than the $1,000.00 attorney. You must decide based upon...
Do I need to disclose a nolled charge in a different state of I am charged with dui in another state
I was charged with misdemeanor (2nd degree theft) in DC and it was nolled on 7/1/2010. I have not had it expunged. I just got a dui charge in Maryland on 7/22/2015. Will the nolled misdemeanor affect the dui charge in any way if they were in different states
It is possible that the old case will effect the new case but this depends on MD law. For example, in OK, a prior...
have a DWI PBJ in Maryland with probation expiring in September. applying for HQL. question asks: Are you a habitual drunkard? Habitual drunkard means any person who has been found guilty of any three alcohol offenses, one of which occurred within the past year. does that mean I need to wait until after the probation period?
I think the answer is no. I assume you do not have three DUI convictions let alone charges. Moreover, a PBJ is not...
Do I need to transfer my out of state DL but I only drive my host family's car in MD for 9 months?
Hi everyone, I'm an Au Pair in MD now, I will only stay here for 9 months and I don't have my own car. I will only drive my host family's car and they are MD residents! I'm holding a California DL now. MVA says new residents who are moving to MD need to transfer their out of state DL within 60 days! But I'm just a non-resident and I don't need to register a car! So is it eligable to drive here with my California DL? Will it effect the insurance?( I'm on the list of the car I drive) Thank you!
In many, if not all, states you are required to get a DL in the new state or transfer the old state license if you will...
Received PBJ for DWI, unsupervised probation 12 mos. is there a way to get this expunged after completion of the probation?
also, is it possible to expunge this record from the MVA?
You cannot expunged a PBJ that resulted from a DUI offense.
Is it too late to file for an appeal of my MVA hearing if over 30 days has passed?
It has been over 30 days since my MVA hearing so I'm wondering if it's too late for me to request an appeal? Or if I have any options at this point?
You have 30 days to appeal or your appeal rights are barred. If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, you can...
Can I be approved for a solicitors permit for selling wine etc. in Maryland after receiving a DUI in 2006?
All of my court requirements were met.
Just call a local Maryland attorney.