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I have 3 dui's in Pennsylvania. Is there any possible way to get my license back sooner?
I got all of them very close together so they basically put them all together. I have already been sentenced and I am facing a 7 year license suspension. I'm in need of a car for work and other reasons as I have many health problems. I completed in patient as well as out patient rehab. I still need to pay my fines. Is there any possible way to get my license back early? I don't live in the city is nearly impossible for me to get around. I would do anything to get it back. thanks.
If having a driver's license is important to you, and you would "do anything to get it back", then why have you not...
My second and third are over ten years for convictions and my ard started befor the ten years , does it count for prior d.u.i. n
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Not sure what you are asking. Any conviction or ARD disposition for a dui within the past 10 years counts as a prior...
If you have had ARD over 10 years ago for a DUI and then got a second in 06.. would those show up on FBI clearances?
On a criminal background check the it states "first offense"
Yes, FBI checks tend to reveal every inquiry even when arrest was voided or an acquittal was obtained.
My question is a generalization of what sentencing I may possibly be looking at. I appreciate your time and advice, in advance.
When I was 18 (06`) I received my first DUI in PA. I did what was asked & got off probation 2 months early. October `14 I drove 45 mins to spend the night with my nephew bc I told him I would & wanted to keep my word. I received a 2nd DUI...highest bac bc I refused the BT. I moved to the county where this occurred so I could easily get to the RIP program they recommended & if D&A treatment. The day before sentencing my friend was helping me move. We had dinner about 4pm and each had 2 drinks. On our way back from my apt I got pulled over around 11 pm. My friend threw out a cig butt & the officer said I crossed lanes. I failed the FST & refused a BT. I tried calling my lawyer for a continuance all night to no answer and in the am he just screamed & hung up. I have warrant(s), no lawyer or $
You should call your lawyer to discuss a potential sentence on the 2nd DUI. As far as the new case, you're facing a 1-2...
Completed ARD in Allegheny County in 2009/10 - will it show up on FBI Background Check now?
I was arrested for a DUI in 2009 in Allegheny County. I completed ARD in early 2010. Now undergoing FBI background check (including fingerprints) for federal employment. Will this show up? How can I get a Certificate of Dismissal from the Court if the case has been "expunged"?
Unfortunately, there will always be an FBI record of your offenses. If you are applying for a federal job, your DUI...
Will I be required to submit to a blood test at my D&A assessment for a DUI?
I was arrested for my first (and only) DUI and refused a BAC test at the time of arrest. I recently completed my CRN evaluation per the conditions of ARD. I was told that prior to scheduling my AHSS classes, I would be required to submit to a full D&A assessment because of my BAC test refusal. I'm quite confused: considering my BAC refusal, will the assessor attempt to take my blood, breath, urine at the time of the assessment (or for any other reason), or can I just expect a battery of questions (similar to the CRN eval, but more in depth)? I've nothing to hide, but I would like to know in short what I might expect at my D&A assessment.
As a general rule, I tell people assume you will be tested everytime you go to court for anything. The reason for this...
Will I get sent to ohio for a probation violation after getting jail in pa for 2nd dui?
Currently on basic probation in ohio since I live in pa. (No monthly visits nor piss test, just paying fines) I recently got a dui in pa and gonna have to serve 5 days in pa.. Question 1, Will ohio see I'm in jail in pa and put a detainer on me to send me to ohio to serve my remainder probation time? Question 2, Will Pa put a detainer on me and contact Ohio for my probation violation then send me to Ohio?
1) Yes, if they look. 2) No, not if there is no PA probation officer supervising you on behalf of Ohio.