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My parents are out of town and i had a few friends over last night and we were sitting outside with the music on. we had all had just a couple of beers. a cop pulled up and we freaked out so we ran in the house. I came back outside immediately to talk to him. I asked him what he was here for and he didnt answer i opened the door to let my dog in and he grabbed the door and walked in. i asked for a search warrant and he said nothing. i told him he had to leave and he said he did not have to he heard beer bottles crash. He made us take breathalizer test, dump all the alcohol, and wrote us tickets. Can he legally come in my house without being asked or a search warrant if he suspects underage drinking?
Probably not. you need a lawyer to present a suppression motion
My ex-husband has custody of my son. He has been getting drunk and hitting my son. He just gave him 2 black eyes lately. I have no money for an attorney and he goes threw Land of Lincoln for one. and they won`t help me. What do i do.
Report any physical abuse to the Madison County States Attorney or to the local office of the Illinois Department of...
Sentenced to 3 years with mandatory 85% or 2.5 years incarcerated for agg. DUI. No priors, no previous altercations, college student with no drug dependencies when offense occurred. Age was 21 at the time, her best friend passed away in accident. She was barely over the limit, driver of the other car was barely under. There must be something we can do for her to get reduced sentence??
Ask the attorney that handled the case to see if there is some way to modify sentence. If you can't get a good answer,...
-No tests were given (did not refuse) -I was not operating the vehicle at the time of the arrest -Offered the keys to the officer -Arrested without proof -No previous DUIs
Hire a lawyer. Not enough information has been given here to give you an answer, but you most definitely do need an...
my job does background checks and this came up and i need the records
Consider having a private consultation with an attorney instead of searching to solve this complex matter online.
One was in 2005 and the other was in 2011. I need to get it back to be able to drive to and from work. I took a DUI class after the first one but not the second. I need to know exactly who to contact and what steps to take.
Contact the driver's license bureau to find out what your reinstatement requirements are and what you need to do. It...
I'm currently trying to get a gaming license to work at a casino. I had DUI supervision from 2012 sep to 2013 sep. The supervision period is ended i payed all fines and all required things are done. I just got two traffic violations that i currently have a lawyer working on for me. My question is will either of these effect me getting a gaming license to work at the casino
This is among the language the Commission uses that might disqualify........ "Any other misdemeanors that the...